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My computer was very very bad again...

I swear my computer has a mind of its own.  After all it couldn't be me buying all that material CT just added to the site.

Well it's a good thing I have an extra payday this month.  My DD says that I never pick out any bright colors. Well I think she will be surprized by the material I ordered this time.  I ordered from the Moonlit blooms collection. Now I have to find a place to hide said material for a while and then tell the other half that I've had that for a while.  I'm not sure that he believes that line any more but he does play along with the game and it works for me. 

I also made the mistake of talking to DD last night.  She has a doctors appointment this am and I'm off to visit and baby sit the "Binks" as I've taken to calling Aiden these days.  I know I'm about to get stuck shopping with DD for the rest of the day, and to think I could be outside suntanning in May.  Cross your fingers and hope it's a short spree and I may yet get some tanning in.

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Comment by Irene Gallway on May 10, 2013 at 10:58am

Kathy if your hubby is anything like most men, he won't remember in a few hours that you have it, even if you show it to him and drool all over it while you purrrr out what a sweet  deal you got.  lol  I hope you got some time to bask in the sun.   I stopped sunning myself when my mouth looked like I had a draw sting tied on it. 

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