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Good Morning!

Last night as I was taking pictures for the first steps, my camera battery went dead and I had to recharge it overnight. Now it is recharged and only half of what I took was saved. But here is what I have so far.

NOTE: I found it very useful to use a tag to keep track of my colors and cut up an index card into 4 pieces and wrote down what each unit needs as it will be the same all the time and makes it easier to keep track of what you are doing. The block is fairly simple but it is easy to mess up at the same time.

For the blocks you will need 4 colors of the same family, such as purple, blue, whatever and you will need one color that reads as light such as white, tan, or cream. For my light, I used a floral that is very light as you can see here.

I then used the index card to keep track of the colors by marking down the requirements for each color.

From Color 1: Medium floral: Four 2.5 inch squares.

From Color 2: Dark: Eight 2.5 inch squares.

From Color 3: Light: Four 2.5 inch squares.

From Color 4: Medium: Four 4.5 inch squares plus ONE 2.5 inch square.

IMG_1498 IMG_1499

Since I am going from a swap that we did earlier, I did not have a light 5 inch charm that went with these, so I used a strip instead. The charms can be used or strips. If you use charms, you will need to cut 2 charms (the same fabric) 4 medium 4.5 inch pieces plus you will need that extra 2.5 inch square. If you use a charm for the light, you can get four 2.5 inch squares.

Since there are 20 blocks to make and a strip will provide several pieces and you might want to mix and match strips and charms, it is hard to estimate what you will need and it depends on how long the strip is. Either way it is a good way to use up strips and charms.

I will return in an hour to post the next step and hang onto your index cards as it can get confusing.  

Note:  I changed my mind about colors 1 and 2 and switched them round.

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