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Not starting off the New Year very well!

There's an old saying that whatever you do on the first day of the new year is what you will be doing the whole year! I certainly hope this is not true or I am in BIG trouble! LOL.

Right before Christmas, I was put into the hospital with what they thought was a heart attack, "I" knew it wasn't but since I don't have all those letters after my name, no one would listen to me. I ended up being there a week. Had a stress test, which I failed miserably as well as having a bad reaction to the reversal drug they use to stop the one that raises your blood pressure. I became paralyzed, had trouble breathing, my entire body shook like someone having a grand maul seizure. They never figured out what caused the reaction other than the possibility that the reversal drug may have been administered too fast. Then I had an angio cath performed, heart is good and the 30% blockage I have in the front of my heart has not grown. Next I had a vascular cath done as they wanted to see where the 2 aneurysms that were were discovered in an MRA were actually located. Had a surprise there, not only do I have 2 aneurysms on the right side of the head, I have a matching pair on the left! Luckily, they are not located inside the sack that surrounds the brain so these are not necessarily life threatening at this point in time. Will have to keep being monitored AND should I have a stroke, I will be unable to take the medication that reduced the effect of a stroke because of the aneurysms. I was released from the hospital the day before Christmas eve and was able to have an enjoyable holiday, although I was very weak and no energy. Spent Christmas day with our twin granddaughters and that was very nice. Unfortunately, their "other" grandmother came over unannounced and sick to boot. She had just started antibiotics that day and didn't "think" that she could still be contagious. Two days later the twins mom became sick, luckily the twins did not get it. I went to see my brother the Sunday following Christmas, had not seen him or his family in over 2 years. By Wednesday, I started not to feel well and by Friday was in the ER with fever, vomiting, the whole ball of wax. After some tests, they confirmed that I had the influenza bug that is making the circuit. Finally getting over that and feeling better, still no energy.

In February, I have to have upper/lower GI test done to make sure that there is nothing going on there that could be causing the symptomology that mimics a heart attack. Okay, I can deal with all this as things seem to be improving. Today, I went for follow-up appointment to see the doc and was told that my liver panel blood work was 3 times the normal limit and I was to immediately go and get another blood test to rule out a lab error and then that will be followed up by another lab test in 2 weeks. Depending on what happens there will decide on what we do next. In the meantime, I have to stop my cholesterol medication AND I cannot take the meds I take for pain for the fibro/arthritis! Since I also can't take any NASAIDS (aspirin, Aleve, ibuprofen) I have to contact the rhumologist for something else. I am NOT a happy camper, although it could be worse.

The first part of the new year has not started off the way I would have liked; however, I am thankful that I am not in hospital. I know God doesn't give you anything more than you can handle, but sometimes I wish he didn't think I could handle so much!

I am going to "try" to get some creative juices flowing so that I don't dwell on what is going on and who knows, I might actually accomplish some things I want to do, such as the whole closet of UFOs I'm determined to get finished before the year is out.

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Comment by Terri D. on January 18, 2015 at 7:44pm

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, support and kind comments. Today, we were able to attend church services for the first time in months and the welcome I received from members of the congregation were unbelieveable. I did not realize just how many people knew me or what was going on and their welcome back really made my day. God bless you all and may he keep you and yours safe.

Comment by Donna Sykes on January 18, 2015 at 7:51am

Please take care of yourself. Maybe working on a small project will help with the stress of your health issues. I know I am not happy if I don't have some kind of project going. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Comment by June Johnson/Wi on January 15, 2015 at 8:12pm

Oh, dear.  Not a Happy New Year for you.  Chin up and all will be better soon.

Comment by Roxann on January 15, 2015 at 2:22pm

Praying for you. Can't wait to see the ufo's you get done!

Comment by Joanna liguz on January 15, 2015 at 1:06pm

Prayers for you my dear,,,I am so sorry you are going thru this - for this year. I hope you get better soon..!

Comment by Pam/NY on January 15, 2015 at 10:53am

Keep looking forward...hopefully, this will be the last of the health issues. Try a small project to get back into the groove.

Comment by Barbara Graham on January 15, 2015 at 9:56am

Good grief! That's enough issues for several years. I hope that all. Time to work on something not too taxing that makes you feel good. Take care!

Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE on January 15, 2015 at 9:51am

I'm sorry to hear of your health trials.  Hopefully all that is behind you soon.  

Comment by Sharon Reeves on January 15, 2015 at 7:17am

I also agree that with Janet and hope that you have gotten all of you health issues out of the way and will have a productive year getting your UFO's done. Will keep you in my prayers.

Comment by B J Elder/WA on January 15, 2015 at 7:05am

I hope you find something you can take for the pain, my friend. I agree with Janet, you are just getting everything done and out of the way and then the rest of the year will be a 'breeze'.  Well, we are praying for that anyway. Do take care and enjoy working on those UFO's.

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