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Well I seem to have lost my Quilting MoJo. No idea where it went. I have several quilts started. Just the piecing stage. HELP! It's been very cold here too. Had to get new hot water heater last week. Froze and busted along with the pipes under the house to my kitchen sink DH says no fix til warms up so I get to heat water on the stove for dishes. Ugh! Been crocheting. Have a new DGbaby Ava Cathrine born 11-18-2013. Only seen pics. She is 2000 miles away in Sac area of CA. Sighs. So. Ladies what am I to do? I have Ava's quilt started, ready to sew sashing and blocks. And my MoJo is GONE!

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Comment by Janet/MO on January 16, 2014 at 6:29am

Debra, I think this is something that affects all of us at one time or another.  I find if I try to force myself to sew when I'm feeling down in the dumps I end up having to take it all out & resew it later.  So I have learned to just read a novel, do some knitting or crocheting, and peruse through my quilt books.  This happens to me if I have too much going on in my life.  Then it starts to feel like it is just one more obligation to get done.  I agree with Pam & Irene about the lack of sun too.  I take Vitamin D to help counteract the lack of sun I'm exposed to.  Does help. 

Comment by Pam/NY on January 16, 2014 at 5:28am

I can get twice as much sewing done on a sunny day. It's not the lack of mojo...it's the lack of SUN

Try a small project that can be finished in one day...that sometimes kick starts me. Need new potholders...placemats????

Comment by Irene Gallway on January 16, 2014 at 5:19am

I hear you.  This has  been a depressing Winter with lots of bad weather and not enough sun.  I find if I just bite the bullet and sit down to my machine, the mood to create comes back.  Congratulations on the new baby. I have a great grand daughter that I haven't seen yet, so understand where your at on that.

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