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Good morning! It's just after midnight, so I think that qualifies for morning. Yesterday morning was our LWML (Lutheran Women's Mission League) Garden Party. It is always on the 1st Saturday of May, which is also Kentucky Derby day. A few of the ladies wore their fancy hats. Can you  guess which one won the hat contest?


The roses won.

After our brunch is our plant exchange,,,it's like a white elephant gift exchange. If you get a plant that you really want and make it to the end with that plant, you are extremely lucky.  Oh, did I mention it is also reveal your secret sister day? I had Carol, a very feisty 82 year old. She was telling me that the doctor doesn't tell her when to come back for her follow up visit...she tells him!!  For her final gift I had made her 2 candle mats, a table topper, and a quilted wall hanging. She told me she knew I was her secret sister because at Christmas I gave her a set of quilted coasters and no one sews like I do.  I had forgotten about those coasters and thought I had fooled her this past year! Carol said she loved the cards I made her and the hug coupons the best.

The gal that had my name for secret sister was also named Carol. She was exceedingly generous. At Christmas I received a good sized box in Arizona filled with books, a Fabrege type Christmas musical egg, candy, raisin oatmeal cookies. Then for my birthday another package arrives filled with more goodies Civil War novel, CD with  novel,  more things than I can remember! For her final gift to me, she gave me raisin oatmeal cookies and a Civil War jigsaw puzzle. Little did she know that I had a surprise for her too! Carol had given me sooooo much joy throughout our secret sister year that I made her "The Quilt of Joy."

     I can't wait for the new secret sister year to start. It's so much fun trying to remain a secret and to surprise your secret sister with thoughtful cards to let her know you are thinking and praying for her. It's fun to buy or make little gifts for her and to imagine the smile on her face. And you know it brings you joy doing things for your secret sister.  

Then there is that mysterious someone who starts sending you thoughtful cards to let you know that she is thinking of you and praying for you. And suddenly there will be a gift at church for you or it will come in the mail. You are always surprised because it comes unexpectedly. The joy is there again. You think of the women in the group and you wonder who has your name this time round. Ah, but you have to wait till the May Garden Party to find out  who she is!

I've decided the way to deal with my disability is to find the blessings in my life whether they are now, past, or future; whether they are large or small. And to praise and thank God for them. One of my blessings is that I'm still on this side of the grass and can still enjoy all the other blessings He has given me. I had the pleasure of my 10 year old grandson Noel this weekend who helped me prepare my garden so I can plant this week.

Thank you, Jesus, for a blessed weekend. And I raise my voice to worship you, O my soul, Rejoice! Amen.

                            We all went home with some beautiful plants for our homes.

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Comment by Carol Wadkins on May 8, 2012 at 8:45am

How wonderful and it does look like it was a fun day for all! I miss being a part of the secret pal or sister groupl We use to have one, but it's gone by the wayside for many a year now. I am part of a newly formed quilt quild and just may make a suggestion for us to start one..... That would be so much fun!

Beautiful flowers, beautiful ladies and beautiful hats.......... thanks for sharing!



Comment by Pam/NY on May 8, 2012 at 6:26am

Looks like you had a fun filled party! The hats are a hoot! Your secret sister must have been very surprised to recieve the beautiful quilt!

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