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Okay, ladies, I'm in between graduation quilts and the clock is ticking with mid-May as the deadline. I have decided on a pattern...finally, and my fabric combinations...finally, and now all that's left is actually cutting into the fabric. I don't know why, but making that first cut is always the hardest part for me! After I've agonized over the pattern and fabrics, you'd think that actually GETTING STARTED would be a piece of cake. Once I've made that first cut, I can usually whip out a pieced quilt in no time. It's the craziest thing. Of all the weird things to get stuck on...

Is this like writer's block?

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Comment by betweens on March 19, 2009 at 2:25am
LOL..you are funny.. but I also know your dilemma... I think it is did I pick the right fabrics and once you cut you are committed.. so maybe not writers block but that initial commitment..LOL.
I was commissioned to make 3 signature quilts and know the agony of picking the pattern (these had to be done for receptions.. one for 150 people, then for 350, then for 500) so trying to find patterns that would accommidate that many signatures and then how is the best way to display and have all the visitors come an sign.
Well I am looking forward to your end product.. don't forget to post pics so we can oooooooh and aaaaaaahh
Comment by B J Elder/WA on March 18, 2009 at 5:38pm
Oh no.... "quilter's block"! Isn't it funny, in a weird way, what hits us and keeps us from making that next step even though we KNOW that when we do it we will love it and feel so good about what we are doing?! Sometimes I think we need to "treat" ourself with something when we get over that "block". It also helps me to do a small project first, to get those quilting juices flowing -- then the big project is a lot easier to face.

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