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until you lose something you take for granted.  I'm not one for taking anything for granted, I'm grateful for what I have including the thumb still wrapped in it's cast. Most inconvient though, I know. I braved the shower today no slipping or falling, I even kept the hand dry in a bag. The only ones laughing at me were the dogs. I waited until everyone had gone out. Not to fear I did have my phone within reach just in case. :0) 

So having made it that far I ventured out of the house to the coffee shop.  Note to self, invest in velcro jeans without buttons or zippers!!!!  I'm sure thoughs that I passed along the way thought I was giving them a thumbs up for their poor driving habits, but that will change after thursday when the cast comes off, trust me on that one.

I spent 10 minutes explaining to the girls in the coffee stand, that I work in a dangerous neighborhood. A customer was flipping me crap so I decked him, thats how I hurt my hand. It's my story and I'm sticking to it. Ha you thought I was talking about the neighborhood being dangerous, nope it's me.

Armed with coffee in hand so to speak I considered all the possibilities open to me. South and a nice drive to the fabric store or north east to another store???? Nope mom calls to see how I am doing.  Note to self, never tell mother I was out running around.  Note to self, hide doctors note excusing me from work for the week. So  I pick up mom, she wants to go and get her hair washed. Please don't ask, I didn't.  She had surgery last week and if she wants to pay someone to wash her hair, so be it. lunch, grocery store, and a stop at pet store, hopefully she is done for the next few days. I'm sure something else will come up, she's had hours to consider tomorrows agenda,.

So my boss calls, sense I knew who was calling, I really like caller ID. I didn't anwer my phone but waited patiently for him to finish with the voicemail.  I decide to swing by work. The visual effect of hand in cast and expression of others who know me can be priceless.  I repeated said above story to a few regulars at work who carefully took a few steps back.  Knowing boss wasn't going for same story, my excuse, "I don't know but it hurt and I wasn't coming to work." So he wants to know when I want to come back.  Now that was a loaded question.  I have sick time to use. I have alot to use.  He had already talked to store boss and knows the doctors note was for 7 days.  Note to self, get white out and black ink pen. Sense the conspiracy against me had cut time down to a week I told him I would start back on monday.

Having fullfilled my obligations for the day I sat in car and tried to think of what to do with the rest of my day. Hold on to your hats girls, I went home and took a nap!


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Comment by Barbara Graham on October 17, 2012 at 11:26am

Gee whiz, you really know how to have fun when you're in a cast.

Comment by Carol Wadkins on October 17, 2012 at 9:02am


 Thanks for the chuckles........... It never fails, that take a chance going out and you will get all kinds of calls, especially work!?!? What's that about anyhow? They know you are off, but...................

You could always have a re-lapsssssssssss and not be able to make another 7 days!! LOL

Have a good one, whatever you do and "don't get caught" next time!! LOL



Comment by Joanna liguz on October 17, 2012 at 3:15am


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