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At 1:58pm on November 28, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Ellen, Sounds like you are with Sesame Street and we are learning the letter "P". Ha,ha!  So I am prodigious, huh?  And, I must admit, I had to look up paradox, just to be sure if I was right.  Guess I was.  Cleaning and tearing apart are kind of paradoxical, right?

Do you know when the fellow will come to do the walls for you?  I'm sure you would like to have it all done for the holiday.

I love looking at your older quilts here on your page while I am writing this.

At 6:36am on November 27, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Thanks for the nice comments!  Yes, I did hand embroidery, but I used fusible web to apply the appliques, and then buttonhole stitched around all.  It was fun to do as I like doing the hand work of an evening.  I was pleased with how the hex table mat worked out. I saw it on the cover of the magazine and just decided--I can do that! Used some of the CT fall fabrics too.

All 3 of the childrens quilts are finished, two I machined quilted and the other I did by hand.  I am going to show them off at our church cookie walk/quilt show coming up on Dec. 8. Then will get them wrapped up for Christmas.

I will write more later. Taking DH's daughter to the airport later this morning. Then can relax and do a little catching up on here.

At 12:53pm on October 21, 2012, Linda Koller said…

Hi Ellen, Yes the retreat was in Berlin in Holmes County. Having another on June 19-22, 2013. The facility is for 10 and we already have 6 confirmed. I haven't even promoted it yet and somehoe I don't think I'll need to. Where do you live? I'm in Bedford, SE of Cleveland. I don't drive anymore so it gets lonely except for you gals on quilt clubs and when someone does come over. I like this site because of the chat line. I think I'm really going to like the fibro group. I got Indy in March. He is a rescue dog. He's come a long way in a short time. Indy recently got his Therapy Dog status. We're waiting for  his vest/badge to come in. His trainer is great. Hugs, Linda

At 10:13am on September 5, 2012, QuiltDragon said…

I did receive it - I'm sorry if I haven't let you know. I LOVE it! Thank you. Barb

At 11:53am on August 24, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Hi Ellen!   I saw that you were looking for the embroidery hoops that kept your floss from snagging.  I am just now browsing thru my Connecting Threads catalog, and low and behold, there are the hoops that I think you want!  If you have the catalog, they are on page 20....Clover Embroidery Hoops.  Or you can look them up online. Look like they would be really neat!

    I just finished up a small quilt top with froggies on it.  Got the pattern from the July/Aug 2012  issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting.  If I manage to get it sandwiched and quilted, it will be a Christmas gift for the new great-grandson. I also have good intentions to get ones made for another g-grandson and a g-granddaughter. This one was so much fun to put together and an easy pattern.  May just find fabrics and use a similar layout for the other two.  With trucks and cars for the boy and flowers and butterflies for the girl.  We'll see what I can find.

I've had a little tummy upset for the past few days, so just feeling kinda blah today. Taking it easy and doing a little handwork, reading and computer play. :)  We had a couple of rather rich meals last weekend, and my gall bladder flared a little. Now it takes a few days for the whole system to get back on an even keel.  Just one more problem of getting older, right?

How have you been feeling?  Did I see somewhere that you had taken a fall? Do take care!  Or do like Cindy did and fall into a pile of fabrics! Ha,ha!  Seriously, falls are NOT funny, so I hope you are resting and mending.

I sent off my Fall challange block to my partner yesterday. I sure hope she likes it. She had sent her block to me a little early as she was to be on a trip to Alaska till the end of Aug.  It's so pretty!  But I'm not sure how I will hang it to display it for Fall.  What do you suggest I use to hang something only 12"?  I really don't want to make a hanging sleeve for something that small.  Or for my 12 x 18 wall hangins I have made this summer?

I have been evesdropping on the "Gifty Galore" group here on QWU. Several of the gals who are familiar here are on it too, like Cindy.  They sound like they have loads of fun and work on some neat projects.  Maybe I will join them later on.  I have so many things lined up to do, I don't need to be here on the computer so much. Ha,ha!

It warmed up here again and is in the low 90's today and probably tomorrow too. Then some rains are to come and cool it back to the 80's.  The mild 70's just didn't stay long enough!  One good rain was all we had and though welcome, it was too little, too late! Wondering what the fall is going to be like now.

Take care now and send me a note whenever you have a little extra time. Good stitching!

At 4:52pm on August 23, 2012, QuiltDragon said…

Hi Ellen, boy you've been busy! Grandkids are so much fun, but are very time-consuming and stressful.

I'm so sorry to hear about your fall - I hope you're feeling better. Don't stress out about your block....I don't think anyone will send the Challenge Police to your door! LOL


At 9:01pm on August 22, 2012, QuiltDragon said…

Hi Ellen, I haven't seen you posting on LOAQ lately so I'm hoping all is good with you.

I'm working on the challeng block and trying to get fabrics together for my soon-to-arrive DGS due 9/6. The Baptism probably won't be for about 5 weeks after the birth so I hope I have time to make the I Spy quilt for him.


At 12:12pm on August 22, 2012, Cindy said…

Just popped in to say hello and see how things are going for you. Our heat has finally broke only have gone too far the other way. Has gone down to the upper 50's low 60's. That's a 40-50° drop. Easier to keep warm though. Have been working on some 'fun' type projects. It is a nice change to not have something going on a 'deadline'. Do have to get going on the wall hanging for Christian Women's Retreat in Oct. Every year I make one around the retreat theme, everyone in attendance signs it and we have a permanent 'record' of the retreat and all it encompased. It's fun to then look back at all the past year's quilts as they are all hung in the dinning hall. Hope all is well with you and your family.  

At 3:38am on August 2, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Hi Ellen!  We haven't chatted for awhile....thanks for the advice on transfer pens. My embroidery just about covers most of the blue markings, so I think a light dunk in cold water should be enough to wash it all away.  Been a little hesitant to put the red floss in water for fear it may bleed, but the cold water should be safe, huh?

Yes, DH is a honey too!  And he is pleased that the light box is working for me. It's about 11 x 14, so it should accomodate any future tracing jobs I may find to do. :)

Since the motifs are of little birds, snowmen, holly, candles, etc., I would like to get it finished in time to display for Christmas.  Wishful thinking?  Probably, but I am going to try.  I still have to finish my Fall Swap block and get pictures taken, etc. Time marches on!

I'll be away from the stitching and computer for a couple of days as my niece and family are coming for a short visit.  I have a supper planned on Fri. eve for other family so that we can all be together. Too hot to cook out, so sandwiches and cold salads will be the menu, with strawberry cake for dessert.

We're still waiting for rain here.:(  We were in Iowa last weekend and enjoyed a nice gentle rain, but when we crossed the Mississippi back into IL, narry a drop had fallen here.   The fronts seem to split when they get close by and go farther north or south of us.  I suppose with all the rains you've had there in the east that you are needing to mow your lawns more often than usual.  It's not fair!  But, we take what is sent to us and be thankful that it isn't worse.  At least the tornado season has been fairly quiet!

Good stitching to you!  Waiting to see more pics of your work.

At 7:26am on July 17, 2012, Patricia Dempsey said…

Please post your pictures of the embroidery... they sound beautiful.

I enjoy doing English paper pieceing too. I have a double wedding ring in the works and a "Not your Grandmother's Flower Garden" hexagons flowers in orange, red and yellow with e hexagon leaves (this latter one may take the rest of my life to finish  :-)  )

Be Blessed... "this is the day!"

At 7:12am on July 16, 2012, Patricia Dempsey said…

I make quilts for church babies. . My husband is a pastor... Don't have grand babies yet, so the substitutes have to do.

I do smocking for my hand embroidery... Need to post some pictures, I guess.

God bless!


At 5:46am on July 14, 2012, Irene Gallway said…

I agree with you about the time element. I take in alteration and make new creations for clients so my personal sewing is done in between clients.  I do take evenings and weekends for my personal projects. Right now I'm trying to finish a lap quilt for our guild charity. I'm making the disappearing 9 patch. It's quick and easy.  I have to find out what size my grandchildren are so I can start the P.J's.  Last year I made them quilts and a pillow to go with it.  I used the 10 min. block pattern. If you haven't used that pattern, it's very quick and easy. 

At 4:53am on July 14, 2012, Irene Gallway said…

Thank you Ellen for your compliment on Ashley's dress. That was her Jr. prom dress. She is now married and living in Ks.  I had two boys so sewing for my 4 grandaughters is a real joy. I sew for the grandsons but it's the girly stuff that I realy enjoy. I'm thinking of making the girls satin p.J's. for Christmas with embroidery on them. I love your story of the robins. I'm glad it rained when it came time for the babies to leave the nest.

At 2:55pm on July 13, 2012, Cindy said…

Cute sheep w/ overall Bill quilt. Just popped over to see what you have posted. Love the call box, can't wait to see what you're building. T-storms here again today. A little rain, but not much. Sure hope we don't get more fires going! Have a small one west of us that began ths morning. Figured it would be out soon. Keep cool. (your cat has the right idea) Just took a break from the quilt machine. Was getting too tired, sore and achey making all the detailed pebble forms with black on black. Having to get down close to see where I had been and where to go next. Yikes, am I crazy to do so much detail work? Nope, it will be worth it for my DD and DSIL. Think I will have DH borrow a stool from work so I can sit for a bit while quilting and get some of the stress off my hips and shoulders and neck. Can't wait to see it finished! Then i will post a picture. Maybe I'll get brave and post on the main blog site. Until later, back to the dungeon for me (really only the basement).

At 5:30pm on July 3, 2012, Maryann**NY said…

Hi Ellen, I do live near the Boardwalk. It's across the street from my apartment building and I can hear the waves at night and usually there is a breeze off the ocean.

I spent today handquilting a quilt for a disabled Vet. My beach community will host about 20 Vets next week and we give each of them a quilt. I should have finished it before the heat came. Have a Wonderful Forth of July!

At 10:15am on July 3, 2012, handstitcher/IL said…

Deader Homes and Gardens is the most recent of the Claire Malloy series by Joan Hess (who also writes the Maggody books). I like the Claire Malloy mysteries as well, although they're very different from Maggody. I think Strangled Prose might be the first in the series. Have you read Elizabeth Peters (aka Barbara Mertz or Barbara Michaels)? She and Joan Hess are good friends.

Sounds like you're making good headway into organizing your photos. I need to do that one of these days....

At 7:09am on July 3, 2012, handstitcher/IL said…

Hi Ellen! Thanks for your kind comments on my quilts. The BAQ took 20 years to sew the top, but was definitely worked on in spurts. Most of the blocks I did in the first two years when I first took a class -- a block a month for 12 months, and then a group of us continued to meet for the following year on our own. Then I had babies and didn't do any quilting for several years. So I'd estimate about 3-4 years of more serious work on it. My goal this summer is to get it basted so I can start quilting on it this winter.

I tried to get the first Amanda Lee at the library this week, but it was checked out. I'll look again next week. In the meantime, I'm still working through the Maggody mystery series. I've read them all before, but not for awhile. The characters are very quirky.

I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Love the doll bed and quilt! I had two robins nests in my yard this year (at least that I found), but one had the eggs stolen right before they were about to hatch. Very sad. The other had three babies. This week we've been watching a pair of baby doves in the yard. Very cute.

Have a great fourth!

At 5:17am on June 28, 2012, handstitcher/IL said…

Thanks for the invite, Ellen. I'd be honored to be your friend. Between our loves for embroidery and reading, we have much in common!

At 1:20pm on June 26, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Hi Ellen!   Hope you are having a fine day.  Any rain or storms in your area?  It was a perfect day yesterday, mild and breezy and temp in the low 80's. Today just a bit warmer bust still nice. We haven't even turned the air on yet.  But looks like the whole midwest is in for some scorching heat the rest of the week.  Even up to 100+ on Thurs and Friday. I know where we will try to stay!

I finished the civil war wall hanging for Hank on Sunday afternoon.  I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and he likes it too.  I think I will try to quilt it myself as it isn't very big - about 30" x 36". But it will have to wait until I have finished quilting the 2 small ones I am working on now.

I am trying to plan out a table runner made with a charm pack of Christmas fabric that I got as a gift last Dec at our quilt guild holiday party.  I've paired up squares and made 36 small hourglass blocks. I will alternate them with an ivory colored square and I think I will have enough to make two runners.  I am thinking about trying to make some table runners as Christmas gifts too.  We'll see how much I really get done. Sometimes I overestimate what I can accomplish!  Ha,ha!

Last Sunday was our pastors last service in our church. It was a bittersweet time for all. We will miss him. He has a beautiful voice and used several of his favorite hymns to punctuate his sermon. We certainly will miss his voice when we sing during services! We really don't have a choir at present, and we understand that the new pastor is not musically talented. Tho I believe that his wife is.  Maybe she can organize a small choir. I won't be part of it as I can't carry a tune in a basket!

I just haven't been able to sit down and really "get into" a book lately.  I go in spells, I guess.  "True Sisters" is still sitting here on a table beside my chair waiting to be read. I have only gotten a couple of chapters into it.  All of the books that are discussed here sound good and I want to read them, but I am not motivated right now. Maybe come wintertime.

I had better get started on my Fall Swap block soon. I have my idea, but now must implement it.  I have scrounged through my stash and have pulled out several pieces that I think will work. Have you started on yours yet?

I hope you have had a chance to do some stitching today. Blessings to you!

At 4:32pm on June 18, 2012, Cindy said…

Congrats Ellen on winning her book! Isn't it nice when somehting unexpected happens. A ray of sunshine to brighten your day. Well, have to start frog sewing. Got a ways on the quilting, rolled it and part way through something happened to my tension so now have 'pokies' through to the back. It has to come out as is a wedding quilt. Oh well, I know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow. Have a good evening and feel better! You're in my prayers.

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