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At 10:11am on April 13, 2012, Charlotte Gustavson said…

Welcome, Ellen! I see you're from the Lehigh Valley. I'm originally from Allentown, a long time ago, but my Mom and her family still live there. Welcome to the Love of Art Quilts group! You might be interested in the Techniques for Textiles group, too, since most of us seem to belong to both. : ) (and the ATC/ACEO group!)

At 12:56pm on March 29, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

This blue and yellow quilt is the one I hope to have quilted by the ladies at my church. I have to decide how we want to quilt it, as to what type of designs to use, etc. I'm not so sure that my points are so precise!  I am intimidated by the idea of doing applique. I have done simple things using fusible web, and just once did the needle-turn method. I am constantly amazed by the artistry of the ladies here at QWU!  Thank you for your kind words!

At 12:48pm on March 29, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Hi Again! If you could copy that kitty pattern, I would glady pay you for the postage. I feel comfortable sending you my home address. It is....

    Mrs. Marilyn K. Lessner

    750 N. Avenue E

    Canton, IL 61520

Let me know what you want to do. Sending by mail would be much easier, I am thinking. A few sheets of printer paper in a long envelope shouldn't cost too much, right?    I need to get printer inks and paper soon as I have been printing off too many quilt patterns.  :( 

At 12:30pm on March 29, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Hurray!  I got all the messages today!  With some persistence I was finally able to add 7 or 8 photos to my home page. I hope you were able to view them.

Thank you SO much for the pattern pics. The one of the plaid kitties, especially the one with the spools border, is just what I am looking for. Looks like it would be fun to put together, and also fun to shop for some extra fabric pieces for it.

Thank you again and I will write more later.

At 6:30pm on March 28, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Ellen:  Just a short note back tonight.  No, I wasn't successful in getting that message with the cat pattern. It appeared in my e-mail, but when I tried to open it, it just wasn't there. Probably not any fault of yours, but of mine. Duh! Would you please send it again and I hope I can retrieve it this time. So sorry for the extra trouble! I hope to have some photos posted in the next day or so. Between hubby and I we are getting this figured out. Ha,ha!


At 11:41am on March 28, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Good Afternoon!  And such a pretty day it is! We had expected thunderstorms last evening, but they never materialized. So we have abundant sunshine and mild temps today.

I am sure that you, like me, enjoy viewing all the lovely quilts and other items that the folks here on QWU post for us. Did you happen to see the one by Gay Jackson that featured a small samlpler called "Country Sampler"? I just loved it! I am betting that it is paper pieced. The work is lovely. I will have to put some kind of project like that on my wish list for when I get more proficient at piecing.

Yesterday was a "lost day" for me. I was sick during the night with diarhea and was as limp as a wash rag all day. Almost back to my "OLD" self today. A good nights sleep did wonders.

I have to get some ironing out of the way, and then I will set together a few more of my 9-patch blocks. Also want to lay out my completed tops on the livingroom floor so I can photograph them and get them transferred to the computer.  I'd like to share some of my handiwork too. I tried taking a couple of pics with my phone, but they didn't come out well at all. Too small.

I spend entirely too much time here on the computer searching all types of "quilt" websites and blogs. There are any number of interesting blogs written by such talented women of all ages. And lots of neat ideas and free patterns as well. Are there any in particular that you like?

You mentioned that your mother's ancestors were on one of the early voyages from England.  Is the surname - NOYES - familiar at all to you? My mother's family name was Noyes, and we have a geneology book that was compiled by family members. It traces the lineage back to the 1700s and back to England. Very interesting to read thru. My grandparents were originally from Wisconsin and then Indiana. Dad's family moved to Indiana from Pa.

We will be going to church this evening for what we call "Wednesday Night Alive". We go early for a bible study, then have a supper and then youth and adult bible studies. We are finishing up a series taken from a book called "The Final Words from the Cross" by Adam Hamilton. I have read it and it is very moving.

Better get busy. Hope you are getting rested up a little from your trip?

At 11:34am on March 26, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Hello!  I did some re-reading of your notes to me, and I think I understand now that you are (or were) in Ariz. visiting with your son and family, right?  So, I am hoping that you have a good and safe return home!

We had a lovely, quiet drive over to Iowa and back yesterday. The baby shower was so nice and mother-to-be got so many nice gifts. Such cute little clothes for new babies now! She loved the afghan that I had made. She received on more afghan that an aunt made for her, another pretty crocheted one.

We marveled at all the trees and bushes that have come into bloom so early this year!  The red buds, flowering crab and pear trees, and forsythia bushes are in full bloom around here and into Iowa. It was in the low 70's yesterday, but much cooler today - mid 50's. But much better than cold and snow! We just fear that this mild weather now will mean extreme heat and bad storms come summer.

I went to quilt at church this morning. Did I mention that the quilt guild that I belong to is having a quilt show this Saturday? I will be at the high school. I will be helping out most of the day I imagine. This will be my first show as I just joined the guild last fall, and I didn't have any completed items to enter this year.

I meant to tell you also that I attend the United Methodist church in a small town about  10 miles west of here at Cuba, Ill.  I started visiting there about 10 yrs ago when my good friend invited me to church. My late husband and I had not become active in a church since moving here.  Later I was baptised and joined the church. When Hank and I got acquainted and he moved here to Canton, he started attending with me and has since joined the church. And now is even on the board of trustees! It is a small congregation, but the church is over 150 yrs old!

One of the ladies that quilts in our group is having her 90th birthday soon. So we are planning a little celebration for next Monday morning. She has insisted that her family not "do anything" for her b'day, but we aren't going to let such a special occasion pass without at least a cupcake and ice cream! She is such a sweet person!

Now I think I will leave the computer and do a little sewing on that 9 patch, setting some of the blocks together and cutting some sashing strips. Hank has gone out to bowl this afternoon.

Oh, before I sign off, I wanted to ask.....are you retired from teaching? You said something about library time with a grandson, so could you have been a librarian? I might mention that I am retired from JC Penneys, where I worked for 17 yrs here in Canton. Clerked and worked the catalog dept as well as some office work.

Bye now and I look forward to hearing that your trip home was easy. It is always so good to be home!

At 7:50pm on March 24, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Good Evening!  Just curious.....do you pronounce your town as "E-Mouse" or as "E-MA-US"?  I've heard it both ways from Dad's family.  As his family was of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, I have read alot about it.  I was born and lived most of my life in South Bend, Indiana. Dad's family emigrated to Indiana from Pa. My late husband was originally from Canton, Ill. and we moved here in 1994. He passed away in '98.

My hubby, Hank, is from Iowa. We met via the internet in 2007 and were married in 2008. We will celebrate our 4th anniv. a month from tomorrow.  We are driving over to Iowa after church tomorrow. Going to a baby shower for his granddaughter.  This will be their 1st child. I made a blue and white crocheted afghan for the baby--they are expecting a boy.  It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day for the drive, about 100 miles.

I do a number of different types of handwork like crochet, counted cross stitch, needlework and plastic canvas needlework, embroidery, and sewing of all kinds. I never mastered knitting or fine crochet like doilies. My good friend makes beautiful doilies and has given me several as gifts.

I am currently working on making a Disappearing 9 Patch quilt top. Doing it in 2 blue,yellow and white daisy prints, a deep blue and white. It's a fun one to do, and I'm using up some fabric I have had for quite awhile. Not sure how big it will get quite yet. I have 2 completed tops that are waiting to be quilted. Then have a small wall hanging or table topper that I think I may try to hand quilt. Have you ever tried using the smaller hand held quilt frames? Some are made with PVC pipe?  Want to check into them.

I had better let you go. Getting time for bed. I hope you had a good day today with your son and family. How long are they visiting?


At 5:14am on March 24, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Hello Ellen!  I wanted to mention to you that my father's family was from your area of Pa. From Allentown, Bethlehem,Emmaus, etc. Two years ago DH and I traveled to Gettysburg and then on to Strasburg to see the railroad. We had hoped to get to Pa again this spring, but with gas prices going up and up, we have decided to stay closer to home. I was so looking forward to checking out the quilt shops in Lancaster county!

Please tell my a little more about your area in Lehigh Valley.  Also tell me more about paper piecing.It interests me, but looks difficult and time consuming. Guess I like to see fast results!  Have a great weekend!

At 6:52am on March 23, 2012, Cat Lady--MO said…

Thank you Ellen for your note about our beloved George.  Our animal family members are a very important part of our lives and very much a support system of their own.  Our Siamese keeps trying to emulate some of the habits George had.  At least he has become a lot more affectionate lately.  Sorry to learn of your losses.  Hope things are going better for you.

At 5:30pm on March 22, 2012, Marilyn L. said…

Hi again! Just a short note to let you know I figured out how to add my photo to my profile. Now you can put a face to my name. Ha,ha!  Thought I could take photos of my projects with my cell phone and e-mail them.  Nope!  Have to have extra services with my phone. So-o-o---I will take some more pics with digital camera and have hubby upload and send for me.  I still am dumb with the camera!

At 2:43pm on March 22, 2012, Joana Simmers/GA said…

No--we're good!  That's all you have to do--and thank you!  I'm delighted. 

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