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At 2:33pm on January 22, 2018, Marianne said…

Hello laura,

Are you still a member of this group?

At 3:55pm on November 17, 2016, Marianne said…

Hello Laura,  how are you, hope life is a little quite for you, autumn or winter is here, woodies out and am busy getting ready for our long trip, take care, Marianne 

At 11:31pm on August 30, 2016, Marianne said…

How Laura, 

Hope u have now got back to normal after your visitors, it's lovely having them but it does distrust ones routine.  Let me know when u have time to meet up, oh how the summer has gone so quickly, just been waiting for some consistency with the weather, but the nights are drawing in now, oh the thought of winter, I shudder.  Look forward to hearing from you.

At 12:37pm on July 31, 2016, Marianne said…

hi Laura,  Lovely to hear from you, it sounds as though you have been very bsy with visitors, but enjoyable too.  I have ot booked to go to Birmi gham, had I known you were going I would ave booked, its now a little too late I fear.  I do hope you  have a good time and no doubt will see so many things to purchase too.  Let me know when you feel like meeting up in Harrogate, I am away next Tuesday and be home Friday off to London to meet an old friend, do let me know when is a good time for you.  Hope you are well, ttfn Marianne 

At 10:06am on July 27, 2016, Marianne said…

Hi Laura, I have sent a few messages, not sure if I have sent them correctly, will you let me know if you are receiving them.  Hope all is well with you and the family

At 1:31pm on July 20, 2016, Marianne said…

Hi Laura,  did you get the message,  not durex if I send them correctly, please confirm.

At 7:44am on July 15, 2016, Marianne said…

Just noticed your name has come up as Lauren,  I think it's this prescriptive script, I always forget to check before tapping send, sorry Laura

At 11:27am on July 13, 2016, Marianne said…

Oh I forgot to give you my email..mhill4@gmail.com  it may be better using email instead of going through this site each time we mail.

At 11:25am on July 13, 2016, Marianne said…

Hi Lauren, 

Hope your visitors have enjoyed their time with you, I presume the have now returned home now.

Let me know when you would like to meet in Harrogate and I will come over, we could meet in Bettws or the big hotel opposite we could use their car park.   I cannot remember the name of it, but it's right opposite, looking from Bettws window it's slightly to the right over the road.  There is a pull in car park in front of it.  Hope you understand what I mean.  I am going to london on 2nd August for a few days.  Look forward to hearing from you.  We have just had a big cloud burst, sun now peeping through.

At 3:08pm on July 2, 2016, Marianne said…

Hi Lauren,  

I put something like...I thought you had all the flood damage in York,  I must have got it wrong,

How about meeting in Harrogate,  I think it will be hard way for us both and they have a nice Bettws too.  If that is not a good place, maybe you can think of an alternative.  You are most welcome to come here for lunch also but that is about 2hrs for you to drive and harrogate would  expect about 1 hour.

Let me know which you prefer.

Bye for now Marianne

Ps have you been watching the tennis, quite an upset for top seed.

At 1:33am on January 12, 2016, Marianne said…

Good morning laura,

Oh how sorry i was to hear of the flooding that has ruined some of your treasures and thing brought back from dubi, its just been unbelievable the scale of the flooding, i do hope you are able to salvage some things.

We were fortunate not to have flood damage, but have had devestation with wind, so much damage on the nursery, the staff have been busy clearing up, before work can begin, unfortunately we cannot get insurance for poly tunnels, so have to take it on the chin, no good looking back just have to be positive and look forward.

Well, i am having a day in the house today, may get in my sewing room, i would love to get going with some project, not just ufo,s and repairing...smile.

Look forward to hearing how you are coping. Ttfn marianne

At 11:53am on December 31, 2015, Marianne said…

Hi laura, delayed christmas greetings to you and your family. I hope you have a lovely time with friends and family in Chili, at least you will have good weather. Its been cold and windy again today, but is warmer than is usual. We wish you both a Happy, Healthy and happy quilting for 2016, as we sip our glass of Chilean wine.
Bye for now

At 2:00pm on November 30, 2015, Marianne said…

Hi laura,

Home safe and sound and a wonderful affirmation that the op was a great success and all is well, so now enjoying a glass of wine after a horrible road trip raining all the way.

Delighted to be your friend. Thankyou for your invitation.

At 9:05am on November 29, 2015, Marianne said…

Hi Laura, oh i am sorry the harrogate experience was disappointing, but i do know what you mean.  Like me you have a huge stash, i think it will be my mission to use from the stash as much as possible this year, then i wont feel so bad purchasing more..smile.

Ye i do hope we stay in touch, my tel.no at home is 01642 711575 love to hear from you too.

Horrible day today, watched the tennis a little hand sewing now getting ready for strictly, we love it, do you.

Tomorrow we r going to nottingham for a final check up from a doc i attended some time ago.  Hope u r managing to sort your boxes.



At 12:37pm on November 28, 2015, Marianne said…

Hi laura, how was harrogate, did you get what u wanted.  Did it meet your expectations.

At 3:54pm on November 26, 2015, Marianne said…

Hi laura,  sorry i am not going to harrogate, what a pity i had not known earlier i would have enjoyed meeting up, but have an arrangement with a non quilting friend and saturday am going to chatsworth they have incredable christmas market as well as the house decorated beautifully.  I do hope we can meet some other time though.  I will keep your tel no. And give you a ring sometime.  Have a great day, wish i was going. Ttfn marianne

At 8:35am on October 30, 2015, Ellen Pearce said…

Sorry for my delay, too.  I have my grandson (8) on Wednesday for homeschool, the library and Nana time.  We had to take my newest stray cat to the vet.  He was so stressed.  Trying to give him meds adds more stress.  I've never been successful with giving cats meds!

Today is literature class with older brother (17) and his friend.  They both are homeschooled; however, my grandson is also enrolled in community college for his freshman college year.  We are studying Greek drama which took my day yesterday for prep.

I finished a practice little quilt which is cat nap size and sent it to a former student who is disabled for her birthday.  She and I skype a couple times a week.  I'm using the small quilts to practice machine quilting with a quilting foot.  I took a class on craftsy and just finished reading a book.  I learn with books but sometimes they don't show or tell enough so a youtube video or online class helps.  I have 5 tops I want to finish soon.  I have fabric for 2 cute Christmas quilts that a pretty easy.  I'd like to work on them next.  Here is another quilt I want to start. http://sentimentalstitches.net/free-stuff/block-of-the-month-quilt-designs/nancy-page-club/nancy-page-club-falling-leaves-quilt/  

I love autumn and would love to make this quilt.  If we continue to have milder weather, I will be able to get some sewing done.  I have fibromyalgia and wet, cold weather causes problems.  I need to start a longer yoga routine.  I do the sun salutation right after I get up to get my muscles stretched and the blood flowing in my brain! I finished my yard work this week.  If I don't add another exercise to my daily walking, I'll get a flare.   Fibro causes problems in my brain so sometimes I can't concentrate or organize.

I just got yarn to crotchet a simple triangle shoulder wrap and a cowl which covers your head.  I think it will be good for my walks.

I do like where I live.  The yard is too big for my but the house is one floor and was built in 1969 so with good upkeep, it's manageable.  My neighbors are really nice and friendly.  I know if I need help they will always be available.  they all knew my husband, and he was good to help out, too.  They all take the Bible's edict to help the widow very seriously.

I really want to get some embroidery started because once I begin I get it done. I found another Nancy Cabot pattern that is embroidery snowflakes.  I see it in a pretty sky blue with white perle cotton.   You got me started on my bucket list.

Now I have to go for my walk before the guys come for their lessons.

Please write when you have time.  I'd like to hear your bucket list.  I'd also like to see pictures of your house.  I love England.  My husband and I would have loved to live in an old cottage in the countryside, but he was an engineer in silicon chip development and needed to be in the midst of civilization.  We did stay in B&B's when we visited and got to stay in a thatched cottage in Ireland.  

Hope you enjoy your weekend.



At 7:18am on October 26, 2015, Ellen Pearce said…

I also looked to see where you live.  When we went to England, we were surprised to see how much it looked like Pennsylvania.  No wonder my ancestors came and never left.  I also live in a valley but I am up against the South Mountain which to most people is only a hill.  I live on a dead end on an acre with an deciduous forest on one side.  My cats love it here.  They are safe from traffic and have lots of mice, squirrels and chipmunks to chase.  I also have lots of deer that eat everything except herbs and tough perennials.

You are talking my language when you say you love hand applique.  I too tried machine applique but love the look of hand applique.  I worked on a hand appliqued quilt for my oldest grandson over many years as he added more and more designs for blocks.  It started as a quilt of the solar system.  All the planets are made from batiks.  After I finished that, he decided he wanted to have blocks with images from his favorite sci fi movies and tv shows.  I made a Tardis and a Dalek, the Death Star and other cyborgs and monsters  After so many years of construction when I finished the top, I gave him the option of having it machine or hand quilted.  He chose hand and waited another two years.  What started as a twin bed cover ended as a queen quilt.  It was meant to be because he is 6'3" and still growing.  I have to get a photo of it to post.  I do have a photo of the Tardis and Dalek on my page.  

I must go grocery shopping.

Good chatting.


At 4:23am on October 26, 2015, Ellen Pearce said…

Knitting is very portable and will be welcomed in Canada.  I find crocheting easier for me.  I knitted one sweater, but it was a struggle.  My crocheting goal is to make a couple of sweaters.  Two summers ago a momma cat brought me 4 kittens and my crocheting was put aside.  Yarn and kittens are great fun for them but not so much for me.  I will try again this winter to finish the sweater I was working on.  

I also like the portability of embroidery.  My husband traveled for work, and I was able to go with him sometimes.  I worked on blocks for a quilt for my oldest granddaughter.  I still need to put them together.  I am guilty of possessing a lot of ufos.  I am a handquilter but learning to machine quilt with the walking foot.  I hope to finish the baby quilts I made last spring before the boys go to school.

I also enjoy gardening and spend my summers outside so I ignore the projects calling to me to be finished.

Setting up your sewing room sounds like fun.  I will look forward to hearing about your projects.  My son-in-law's sister and her family lived in Dubai until a couple of years ago.  They moved back to Wisconsin which is very cold in the winter.  What projects did you work on there?  Were your children with you when you lived in other countries?  

Wishing you a sunny day.


At 4:59pm on October 25, 2015, Ellen Pearce said…

What a blessing to have a grandmother to teach you.  I learned through books. Where is home?  I started in Nebraska and moved after college.  

I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren ages 20-8.  My husband passed away over 4 years ago so I'm alone now except for my cats.  My daughter and her family live nearby.  I help her one or two days a week with homeschooling while she teaches at a co-op school.  

I love all the hand arts, too.  

Nice getting to know you.


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