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At 11:25pm on March 29, 2014, leah anderson said…

Jody, I've been quilting since 2001 before that I was really into crochet. I will be posting more pics of my work soon. I agree I am my own worst critic. Its a habit that I still haven't been able to break.

At 12:26pm on March 29, 2014, leah anderson said…

Hi Jody. It was nice chatting with you last night. I checked out your JAABA tool this morning. It looks interesting. I really enjoyed looking at your photos you are really talented. Your work is beautiful. I wish I had a teaspoon of your talent

At 2:25am on March 28, 2014, Debra Miller said…

I am taking your suggestion to add the green instead of the brown.   The more I work kn the steps the mre I love the green idea!  Thanks. 

At 7:13pm on March 13, 2014, Kathy Ramberg said…

Hi Jody,  I looked at your JAABA tool.  It sure looks beneficial.  I'll be looking for it. 

Forgive my ignorance but does LQS mean local quilt shop?

I don't have a cell phone so I don't text.  I'm such a 20th century girl.  :-)

At 8:44pm on March 11, 2014, Kathy Ramberg said…

Thank You for the invitation.  I've been quilting since 2002,but I've been sewing since I was 9.  I'm a self taught quilter.  Lots of TV and magazines.  I have a Handiquilter 16 quilting machine, again self taught.  My Mom bought it for me and it arrived at Christmas on the back porch in huge boxes a few years ago.   Lots of fun.

I think when I retire I can do more.

My sister in law and her mother in law are making last years Mystery Quilt here at the house. We meet weekly and we sew together.

What classes do you teach?  Anywhere near coquille?  Rest well new friend.

At 8:08pm on March 11, 2014, Kathy Ramberg said…

I didn't post my choices as I ordered the red and white selection from CT. 

This is my first venture into a cyber community .  thanks for talking to me.

At 8:01pm on March 11, 2014, Kathy Ramberg said…

Thank you Jody.  Most my applique is iron on or machine. I made the CT christmas quilt. it was a row quilt and had Santas on it.  Scared me to death so I changed the Santas to socks and machined them on.  The swirl candies were my first needle turn effort.  I was against a deadline and I was very slow so I switched to the machine on the socks.  Sadly in the rush I didn't get a picture.  There is one on the United Valley Christian Academy facebook page.  That's where I work.

I did hand embroidery the blue work.  

At 7:39pm on March 11, 2014, Kathy Ramberg said…

Hi again, i just looked at your quilts.  WOW!  I'm impressed you are gifted.  Inspiring!

At 7:34pm on March 11, 2014, Kathy Ramberg said…

Hi Jody,

Yes I'm in Coquille.  I went through high school in Coos Bay and North Bend.  Its so nice to meet you.

At 10:04am on December 31, 2013, Cindy said…
Oops, just noticed that you added Goldendale to your page info. since I looked at your page. Sorry I wasn't more observant. I use my 2x3" phone screen for my postings as we have no computer access here.
At 9:59am on December 31, 2013, Cindy said…
Hi Jody, another from Washington state. I am in the beautiful North Cascades. For about 25 years we lived 70 miles from any major city. Just retired and now live much closer, but still have just one grocery store close. A very rural area, but we love it. Where are you. I have a general idea when you mentioned going to Hood River. But not specific. Again, welcome and look forward to getting to know you better. You're going too love being a part of this great group of gals.
At 7:17am on December 27, 2013, B J Elder/WA said…

Hi Jody

So, where is it you live?  I'm out in the Nile Valley west of Naches WA.

At 5:49am on December 12, 2013, Irene Gallway said…

Morning Jody,  I love your work.  Especially the way you do your Sunbonnet Sue.  Did you make that pattern up or is there a pattern for that.  I am also an animal and bird lover.  I had six birds at one time but the only one that is left is my Yellow Naped Amazon ~ Bud.  I had two cockatiels, a Mitred Conure, Maroon Belly Conure, Indian Ringneck Parakeet and my Amazon.  All of them rescues.  I had to stop rescuing as they live long and I'm getting old. lol  Welcome to QWU.  It's the best social site that I have found so far for quilting.  I like chatting so if your on chat and feel like talking I'll chat with you. 

At 6:41am on December 11, 2013, Jody Davis-Wood said…
Hi for those interested in The JAABA you can find it at my website WWW.QuiltNPeace.com or it is also on You Tube. Just search JAABA I will try to get it on this site when I figure out how. I am new to the group
At 12:08am on December 11, 2013, Marianne said…

Where can I c the jaaba, it sounds interesting

At 6:31pm on December 10, 2013, Amy | Columbus, OH said…

Hi Jody - I am seeking a mentor!  Are you replying in interest of such an undertaking?  :)  Nice project photos.  You've got quite an assortment of pets!!! 

At 1:23pm on December 10, 2013, Linda Hubalek said…

HI Jody, I was just reading your note, then looked at your website. You have some interesting tools there. I hope you can read my books in the future. Sounds like your kind of reading!

At 12:24pm on December 10, 2013, Linda Hubalek said…

Welcome Quilter Friend!

Just wanted to pop in to say “hello” and introduce myself. I’m Linda Hubalek, fellow quilter and author from Kansas. Books about pioneer women are my specialty, with a cooking or a quilting theme mixed into each historical fiction series.

My Trail of Thread historical fiction book series, written in the form of letters sent back home, describes my ancestors’ wagon trail journey and homesteading in Kansas. Each book mentions twelve old-time quilt patterns, and I put drawings of them in the back of the books.

And my new books in the Kansas Quilter series will be out by early 2014. It’s about my great grandmother Kizzie Pieratt and the many quilts she made.

So if you like to read—besides quilting—please enjoy my blog and book excerpts on my website. Besides printed as paperbacks, my ten books are also available for your Kindle or Nook.

I have about a dozen quilts made by my great grandmother, (that we used all the time when I was a kid) so I’m into antique quilts and patterns. What kind of quilts and patterns do you like to work with?

Happy quilting and reading!

Linda Hubalek

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