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At 5:26am on October 14, 2009, Darce Ovel said…
He called last Sat and talked for quite awhile. Sounded tired, but he said he stays up till 11 or 12 every night and they get up at 5!! That's not much sleep. They pretty much have a schedule for guard and patrol rotations. They still don't have internet to their room and in fact the whole camp's internet had been down for over a week! I'm just so excited for him to be home on leave - less than 2 weeks now!

I saw an ad for the Pokey Puppy fabric and ended up ordering it online. I visited about 6 shops and none had it. I wasn't overly impressed with the line as a whole - I ended up buying a panel to make a soft cover book and using that for blocks. I think it turned out cute - but I've gotta get going and finish it - the baby shower is this weekend - and I didn't do anything last night! lol

I could so go for retirement too - get up whenever you dang well please! Our alarm goes off at 5, I let the dogs out and dh gets in the shower - I lay back down with the dogs for a half hour or 45 min - it's still too early, but I gotta get into the shower before dd - I hate this whole one bathroom thing, but we're down to 1 kid at home now, so it's not as bad as it was.

Jeff was watching that special last night too - I watched parts of it - was playing around on the computer mostly.
At 5:57am on October 13, 2009, Shirley Phillips said…
Hi Paula, Thanks for your kind comments on my t shirt quilt. I'm not familiar with the embroidery blocks that you're working with but I would think if the material is real thin it would not hurt to back them with interfacing. They have all different thickness so maybe you could get a real light weight. Another idea...when you embroider them could you put two thickness of material in the hoop?
At 6:25am on October 12, 2009, Shirley Phillips said…
The Righteous Brothers were my husband & my favorites when we were dating (that's been a while ago!) It was a great concert. I couldn't believe how good they still sounded!
At 6:14am on October 10, 2009, Darce Ovel said…
Not a lot! He called a little over a week ago and talked for over an hour. It seems like a lot longer ago than that. He sounded really good. They've gotting into a routine on patrols, guard tower duty, etc. Still no internet in their room tho which is really frustrating. There's not a lot he can think of for us to send him either. His R & R leave is coming up already, he leaves Iraq on the 22nd. It'll be interesting to find out how long it'll take him to get home. I sure can't wait to give him a big hug!!
At 5:24pm on October 7, 2009, Elaine said…
Hi Paula - About the fabric postcards, on that group blog there are directions on one way to make them. It's on the first page (which is like 22 now) by polkadot. Others have posted pictures of the ones they made through out the blog. Hope this helps.
At 7:16am on October 4, 2009, Darce Ovel said…
Hey Paula! dh decided he'd better make a fresh batch of nectar too just in case it stays around a few more days! lol He worries about those poor birdies. We just can't help but have that deep fried ice cream every time we eat there - then we're so dang full we're miserable!! lol

Travis' room is all painted and his posters and bulletin board hung back up. I sorted thru my stuff in there and kind of organized. I think I'll bring my old machine up (the "new" one is still in for cleaning and tuning) and piece some backings today. Then when my Bernina gets home, I'll be all ready to quilt and get a few more projects off the list. I'm so excited at the thought of starting new ones tho, I'm not sure which one to pick! lol

It is cloudy, rainy and dreary. I thought it was supposed to clear off some today, but a really light mist turned into a really heavy one while we were out for a walk. Oh well...can't change the weather, so might as well quitl!
At 1:44pm on October 2, 2009, Melzee said…
Thanks Paula! Those postcards are just soooo cute. And way too easy. If I didn't like doing all the fun stitches on the crazy quilt part, they would take no time at all. Yes I have on my list of things next week to go see a friend of mine that is a store manager here in town. She had told me to see her after she got back from maternity leave and they would like to carry some of my purses. Well she got back from leave the beginning of August and I just haven't gotten around to getting out there. Guess I just need to make time! How are things going with you??
At 6:32am on September 29, 2009, Lynne said…
I've been quilting for about 10 years, but have been sewing forever. Actually made just scrap patchwork squares quilts way back when with my grandmas.

I was close to coming up with the right last name, but wasn't quite right. I have pictures of Blair with my oldest when he was a baby.
At 2:09pm on September 28, 2009, Lynne said…
Hi Paula, I have 2 boys one is in 11th and the other in 8th. Both play football and baseball, youngest plays basketball too. They keep us busy.
My husband and BIL help each other in the fall, I am in charge of being "gofer" and food provider on the days it is our field and SIL is on their fields. Helps to give each other a couple of days off each week. We trade off if something else comes up. My boys are old enough to take care of themselves, but I watche their three girls (12, 7, and 5) if needed. I get my "girl fix" with them!

My parents' neighbors moved to Centerville quite a few years ago, he is at the funeral home. First names are John and Robin can't remember the last name.
At 5:28am on September 28, 2009, Darce Ovel said…
Hi Paula, I was just in his room this morning to see it with all the paint dry and I really love the color in there. I does make it darker - but cozy. I'll put a 2nd coat on this morning, then off to work.

I don't know if she does or not. When the nurse at the Care Center took her temp she told Mel she could have the H1N1 - it's sure going around here, but her cough is mostly gone - she's still a little light headed and had a runny nose. I left her to sleep in this morning and I think she's not going to be happy with me - she doesn't want to miss any school - but - if it is that flu - she's not supposed to be there anyway. When she took her temp yesterday - it only registered at like 95 - so much for the reliability of those new thermometers! lol

Watching the news is awful. The 5th Stryker Brigade out of Ft. Lewis that's in A'stan has lost 15 soldiers since they deployed in June or July - that's so many - 9 were in a 3 week span. Now with all this call for a surge there - which I do understand the need for and Iran acting up - there's just no end to the worry.
At 10:32am on September 26, 2009, Nancy Alberts said…
Hi Paula, i did go the library and couldn't find anything by Jiny Beyer. I did get a book by Jennifer Chiaverini that i hadn't read yet and a book on Amish quilts. I am going to go back and see if they can find it in another library and get an intralibrary loan. I didn't have much time last night as they were closing at 6.
You should really go to the quilt show if you can. It is so inspiring. The first quilt show i went to was in Cedar Rapids, years ago when i lived there. I just happened to see a small sign for it and had the time so i went. I was soo amazed at the beauty and talent - beauty of the quilts and talent of the quilters. It really inspired me to want to make somethingwonderful for my family. I took a strip quilting class back then called Bugoyne surround. It was in the early 90's and was the first i learned about rotary cutters and mats. I got the top all pieced and then started to hand quilt it. The hand quilting got overwhelming for me as i had never done it before and wasn't really sure of my ability. Then my children started getting more active in music and sports and i set it all aside until last year when my oldest daughter became pregnant with her first child. I had just been reading Jennifer Chiaverini's books about a group of quilters and thought i would love to make a baby quilt for my newest grandchild. Since then i have completed 2 baby quilts and one queen size (well almost, i just have to put the binding on) quilt and i am sewing another one. Though i haven't ever finished my "Jesus Quilt". That is what i call it because it was my first quilt ever, The baby quilt i made with my daughter Casey and this one i have to put the binding on i have taken to a lady in Conrad to quilt for me.. I am taking some machine quilting workshops at the DM quilt show and hope to someday be able to do my oun machine quilting.
Anyways, my point is quilt shows can be very inspiring. Who knew you could make such beautiful things with fabric. I look forward to meeting you someday and hope you have a wonderful weekend. ~Nancy
At 7:17pm on September 25, 2009, Teresa Ann Martinek said…
The sock block is fairly simple, made up of two sections only 6 or 7 pieces in each section. There are only a couple of tiny pieces to round out the toe. That is why I paper pieced it. Anything smaller than 1" is hard to normal piece but not to difficult to paper piece. Email me (AuntTetaQuilt@mchsi.com) your mailing address and I'll send you one of my patterns. You can be one of my test quilters. I did not try to explain how to paper piece in the pattern. All my attempts at explaining paper piece either didn't make sense or looked like plagerism. So I just stated that I assumed the quilter knew how to paper piece.
At 3:03pm on September 25, 2009, Nancy Alberts said…
Hi Paula,
She lives in Colfax, Ia. which is about 35 mins drive from my house. not to bad. Thanks for getting back so soon. Are you planning on going to DM quilt show? I have signed up for several workshops, hopefully i will learn a lot. I think i will run to the library and see if they have that book. I love to read so that is right up my alley. Talk at ya later, and thanks again. ~Nancy~
At 10:57am on September 25, 2009, Nancy Alberts said…
Hi Paula, Thanks for checkin it out. The baby quilt is in her pictures. It is the one that Leo is laying on. What is the name of the book on Jinny Beyer, i think i would be interested in reading that.
Hope you have a good day.
At 4:50am on September 25, 2009, Teresa Ann Martinek said…
Hi Paula,
Yep, Silly Socks is my own design. I drafted the paper pieced pattern on EQ6. I just finished writing a pattern for it. Do you have a favorite quilt shop I should offer the pattern to?
At 6:04pm on September 23, 2009, Darce Ovel said…
Hi Paula - Travis called yesterday morning and he's slated for his 2 weeks of R & R already next month. While we're really excited to see him again, we were hoping to have this come closer to half way or more thru deployment - not right after he got there! He sounds ok with it and that's the most important. Now I have the incentive I need to get his room painted!
At 4:24am on September 21, 2009, Darce Ovel said…
Happy Birthday to Em!!! I know - Jeff check the Dept of Defense listings all the time and for me that makes it so much harder. I have IM'd Travis on Facebook a couple of time and sometimes see that he's posted something on there, but that 8 hour time difference also makes it tough to coordinate talking times. I sure don't want him missing sleep and he must think he shouldn't call us when it's middle of the night here - altho I've told him he could. I just keep praying and we've got about 1.5 months down - 10.5 to go.
At 6:21pm on September 20, 2009, Darce Ovel said…
lol yeah, we're all in one piece - tired, but that goes with the territory. She had a great time at the dance last night too.

We've gone 3 weeks now without a call from Travis. One of my friends thought he might be homesick enough that calling home is just too much - maybe, but it's such a change from before when he called regularly. It's wearing. Still we're just keeping the faith.
At 6:58am on September 16, 2009, Melzee said…
Paula-I saw Carol Vickers from our group on the chatline and asked her to give us the low down. Check out my page for her explanation on how to use it. I tried, but couldn't figure out how to send my message once I got it typed. Who would have thought of the obviouse enter key! I'm a point and click kinda gal. Too much Microsoft Word and Excel, I think!!! :0)
At 5:51am on September 16, 2009, Melzee said…
Paula-Not sure what you mean by the chat line. Where are you talking about?

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