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At 11:46am on July 1, 2010, Mary johnson said…
Dear Friends

The challenge is out, lets see how many of us can join the wonderful new campaign called Stitching for Pink !!! Starts today until 30 October. Its gonna be so much fun with 10 projects to complete. Come on Embroiderers lets unite and join the fight against Breast Cancer !!!

Go sign up now and let the fun begin.


Hope we see you there


At 7:28am on December 30, 2009, Joana Simmers/GA said…
Maryjean--y'all come on down! Seriously, there are many beautiful things to see in Georgia and some very nice quilt shops. Our guilds here in Dublin have a free quilt show in March as part of the month-long St. Patrick's celebration, although we have to travel to get to quilt shops. Where is your son in North Carolina? We lived in Wake Forest for two years--so many beautiful oak trees.
At 9:13am on December 29, 2009, Joyce Besemer said…
Hi Maryjean:
Welcome to the Quilt Frame. You snuck in just under the wire of being a New Year's joiner. I loved all your quilt photos, especially Casey's tabletopper. Was that a specific pattern or did you make it up - its gorgeous - lots of great stitching there. And I just love the way your birds sit on your shoulder while you're posing with quilts. Obviously your not afraid of them flying away. We have a great time here at the Quilt Frame and I'm sure you will too. So glad to meet you. Joyce
At 5:35pm on December 28, 2009, Joana Simmers/GA said…
Maryjean--I'm so happy you have joined Around the Frame. I've enjoyed the group so much and have learned a lot from the other quilters. You have some very lovely quilts--and you live in a beautiful place. Looking forward to getting to know you--
At 5:55am on August 5, 2009, Sherry Creech said…
your birds look like they have a real personality. Just think how helpful they would be if they could just cut.
At 1:44pm on May 24, 2009, Kathy Hylton said…
Wow - what a morning... I wrote a whole note to you and then lost it. I am not really savvy on this computer though I have a business I run from it - but this CT site still puzzles me sometimes.. Discussions, Groups, Blogs.. etc. I get lost very easily.

Anyway - you must live in a warmer part of the northwest than I do, I'm about 60 miles south of Canada on the Eastern border of Washington... this is our first warm weather of the year. I am not gardening this year since I have to go to Fla to care for my Dad - he's 90 and having surgery - Oh my... so there goes my summer - and my DH doesn't water very often unless I remind him... and by phone that would get old.

My German Shepherd girls are wanting to say hello to yours... Gina is 7 1/2 and her mother Jecko is 8 1/2 - rescues from Burbank - Armenians had them and God only knows what happened to them there. We've had them nearly 5 years now and the mother still winces occasionally when someone gets near her hips... she is a "low slung" shepherd so I suspect some pain so she gets glucosamine liquid on her raw hamburger and rice and pease and vitamins and home-made doggy treats and anything else she wants... spoiled? Yes. I love them both dearly. My hubby never wanted dogs till Gina adopted him at the rescue - and he lost his heart to her and has NEVER been a dog person but is now. He loves his girl. So there we are.

Good to read your blog - come in from the sun once in a while and let us know how life is going....
At 11:21am on April 22, 2009, ranchmom/OR said…
Hi Maryjean,

Haven't heard from you in awhile wanted to make sure everything was going ok. If you have time write me a line and let me know how things are going.

It sure has turned out nice here the last few days. Been working the yard and I joined the ufo group, so got the bright idea I needed to clean my sewing room/ office and then repaint it well I am still cleaning. I have this closet that is stuff full of junk including pictures and my mom's 90th birthdday is this summer thought I'd make her a memory quilt, so I am sidetracked once again. So is the story of my life.

At 4:25pm on March 18, 2009, ranchmom/OR said…
Hi Maryjean,

I really liked your quilt for the donation to the little boy. It was really nice. Things are starting to calm down around here and I am able to do a little more sewing. I just about got some of my ufo projects done, now I am trying to get some table runners and placemats done.
At 4:14pm on March 14, 2009, Spudgrandma said…
Thanks for the info on the quilt show, I just added it & hope I got it right.
At 1:17pm on February 24, 2009, ranchmom/OR said…
My kids go to high school in Jordan Valley, but that is 35 miles from my house my son gets on the bus at 7:00 in the morning and when he is playing sports he get home at 7:00 in the evening. He catches the bus in the morning 3 miles from the house, in the evening when he rides the activity bus home it lets him off 13 miles from home. It seems like all I get done is meeting the school bus. His high school has 36 kids and this year the boys made it to the first round of state for 1a in football and now again in basketball. We are pretty proud of our small school. I do a lot of hand work during the sports seasons as I can take it with me and work on it while I am waiting for James. I am currently working on doll clothes for my granddaughter Jackie and an apron for my other granddaughter Emily. I have some small quilting projects going placemats, quilted bags and pot holders. The weather has been nice here the last few days, in the fifties and only a few rain showers. We need the rain and moisture but then it seems we always do.
At 12:57pm on February 16, 2009, Gladys Hammond said…
Thanks for writing so soon. I love your quilts and the colors are so wonderful! Your grandson looks so happy!
Yes, I think we do have a lot in common. I could write a book, but maybe it would be better to get together like you said. Let me know when you are coming down. You can email me at gladyshammond@hotmail.com to give me details.
We do go through C'Ville every time we go north to visit family. Our son and his family used to live in Myrtle Creek a couple years and we loved going to their house. They seemed to have milder weather there than we have here. We have a daughter who lives in Molalla and another who lives outside of Philomath. She works at HP in Corvallis. I wish I could go see them more often.
I guess I would say I am very lucky to be able to be riding horses at my age. I always wanted one when growing up but could never afford one and didn't know anyone who had them. My daughter who lives out in Sams Valley is really into horses and has a boarding facility where my mare is. We are doing a horse 4-H club together. I should say she is doing it and I am helping. She has six foster girls and there are about 14 members in the club. They are calling themselves the "Rockin' Riders." So far they are working very well as a team. I love to be involved with anything that has to do with horses.
I have a little silkie chicken that just started setting and I called a neighbor who has Rhode Island Red chickens to see about getting some eggs to put under her. She laid about a dozen eggs before starting to set, but there is no rooster, so her eggs wouldn't hatch anyway. We always had chickens when I was growing up and we had chickens when the kids were little. I got some again about three years ago. I guess you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl! We live on a half acre outside of Central Point, and I love it.
Sounds like you are really doing well with the gardening. I haven't planted anything here yet. I ordered some stuff from Burpee and can't wait to get some of it started. I have raised beds and I did get them treated with stuff that puts calcium into the soil so the tomatoes won't have blossom end rot. Also got a bag of composted manure on each bed, so they sould be ready to go whenever I get ready to go.
Okay, thanks again. I will keep in touch with you often.
At 5:58am on February 5, 2009, lovinlifetoo said…
I have never done paper piecing! I am going to have to try it someday. If it makes doing points easy, then it is definately for me! They really aren't that bad, but I never get them absolutely perfect, like I would like to!
At 7:32pm on February 4, 2009, lovinlifetoo said…
What beautiful quilts!! I love the bright colors! Where are you located, Maryjean? What is your favorite type of quilt to make?
At 12:24pm on February 4, 2009, lovinlifetoo said…
Hi Maryjean!! Welcome to Northwest Quilters!! We are glad to have you with us!!
At 6:58am on January 11, 2009, Charlotte Gustavson said…
Making a quilt that big is kinda daunting to think about, isn't it? It reminds me of the old question,"How do you eat an elephant?"
One bite at a time!
I'm always a bit intimidated by sampler quilts, although when I first started quilting, I thought that would was a great idea for a first quilt. I don't think I ever thought past the making of all those neat blocks and the actual layering and quilting part. How does one quilt something like that? I always feel like I should hand quilt each block according to the design. Now I have a few sampler quilts that I just used a meandering stitch on, but I have one I'm that quilting one block at a time by hand. I've been working on it for three years and only have three blocks done of the nine I've pieced. But if you coun't piecing those blocks by hand, maybe three years isn't so bad! ;-D I have seen quilts quilted a couple of rows at a time and than assembled. I had a quilt, although it was a small one, that I added borders to after it was already quilted. That worked out pretty well and I used up some of those left-over strips of batting that I had trimmed from other quilts.
So good luck when you're ready to start eating that elephant! ;-D
At 7:57pm on January 10, 2009, Charlotte Gustavson said…
Boy, am I forgetful tonight!
Did you know that a queen size quilt will fit across a king-size bed? My niece has a king and I made her a queen because there was no way I was tackling anything that big! She insisted that it fit her bed. I made a queen-size quilt for my Mom and it fits very neatly across hers (hers is two twin mattresses side-by-side). You just make sure you have enough fabric to make two matching pillow cases! ; )
At 7:49pm on January 10, 2009, Charlotte Gustavson said…
I forgot to tell you Iiked your quilt!
At 7:48pm on January 10, 2009, Charlotte Gustavson said…
Hi, Maryjean!
Unfortunately, getting rid of my Mom's stuff usually means it's in one of our houses! LOL And every gift we've ever given her (there were four of us) she's written our names on the bottom so we can have it back when she's gone. I finally started buying her things in MY favorite colors! :-D We all maintain a sense of humor about it.
If it's a family heirloom, it's worth saving because you have a history with it and it gives you a sense of belonging. You get to pass it down to another generation. If they've only collected it since you've moved out of their house, I say it's fair game! ; )
At 1:49pm on January 10, 2009, Charlotte Gustavson said…
Hi, Maryjean!
I enjoyed your bit about the consequences of hoarding doubleknits! I think everything in my 88 yr old Mom's cellar is breeding in the corners! I mean really, how many pans for making halupkies (Ukrainian cabbage rolls) can one woman own? LOL
Thank goodness she wasn't into doubleknit, but every time one of her sewing friends passed away, their husband's would bring her their left-over fabric! There was some pretty ugly fabric out there!

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