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At 8:54am on October 18, 2016, Sherri Eley said…

Are you still among the living Kathy.  Have missed seeing your posts.  I find myself looking at Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville open studio on FB more often than this site.  Lots of good info on there, and have had some help from the members on issues I have had with my quilts.  

At 5:20am on March 3, 2015, Donna J. McKinney said…

Kathy, Made it home safely at 8 last night. I left at 8 yesterday. Made a few stops along the way since I was by myself. While driving I received a call from my Hubbies neurologist. He has  Giant cell , the blood vessels of the head are quite inflamed. Last April he lost his vision in the right eye. His numbers are quite high from a blood test they did on Wed . He can go blind, or have massive stroke. We are starting 5 days of treatments this morn. He is already on massive doses of steroids which has given him major diabetes along with other problems. He was not taking any meds before last yr when this hit him. Just goes to show you life can change in the blink of an eye. Sorry, didn't mean to write a book. I just pray every day that things get better for him.

 So sorry that we couldn't get together. The girls and I stayed home Sun and played games and ate all day. What a blessing to have two of my daughters and my G Daughter and her little boy together . Enjoyed my time.

   When we come in June I will try to connect with you again. Thanks again for the invite. Gave my daughter and G daughter the quilts I made  for them . They were so happy with them. Happy Quilting

At 5:41am on March 1, 2015, Donna J. McKinney said…

Kathy, I don't think I will make it down there this trip. I agree the roads are pretty bad and it is still snowing this am. Thanks for the offer of your friendship, I will be back in June and hopefully by then I will have my LA. Hopefully we can make it to church this morn. Hubbie called and we are getting snow back in Mo too. Wish it would all stop. LOL  Messes up plans. Thanks again. Have a Blessed Day, God Bless

At 5:46pm on September 30, 2013, Frances Darlene Contadino said…

Wednesday would be good. I think I still have your cell phone in my p hone from the quilt show. But will need your address. I'll do a map quest to see what is the best way to get there. My phone is 752-8460, and cell is 374-1711

I really appreciate it, what is frustrating is I just got this back from being serviced. I really don't think they caused it, but I don't understand how it could get go wacky.

Let me now what time I should arrive

At 4:56pm on September 30, 2013, Frances Darlene Contadino said…

Thanks, I am so aggravated. I have never had such problems before. THe issue is I work full time, perhaps I could take a half day off. What the heck the whole day. Are you free on Wednesday?  If not I could probably get off Thursday afternoon.

At 9:51pm on June 20, 2013, Linda "Sue" Robertson, TN said…

We do have many reminders of our time together!!  I thoroughly enjoyed our meal and time together tonight.  It is amazing how much Dale and Bob have in common.  They understand what each other does like we do our quilting.  God is so good!!  Thank you so much for my Joy bag, what a sweet surprise!!  I will sew and listen to Beth and use my fabric in my Oriental Magic Quilt and make Dale's grocery lists out on my notepad!!!  He will love an organized list!! The thread is an added bonus!!  You are a dear lady and I thank God for you, may He keep you always in the Shadow of His Wing!!  Love, Linda

At 6:56pm on June 4, 2013, Linda "Sue" Robertson, TN said…

Oh my goodness yes!!  I would love to hook up with you! I have an appointment for a dental cleaning one day that wk , I think on Monday afternoon but otherwise clear.  Keep me posted, do you still have my personal information?  If not let me know and I will send you a personal e-mail.  Awesome!!  It is a good thing too because you are coming after fan fair-country music wk, whatever they call it now.  It will really be crowded this wk and the first part of next wk.

I can't wait to meet you in person!

At 8:06pm on April 1, 2013, Frances Darlene Contadino said…

Sounds good. Are you talking a text message?  This sounds bad, but I don't know how to send one, but can read them.  I keep forgetting about cell phones.  That makes perfect sense .I live near the Beechmont Amelia exit, so I am in a totally different direction.  I would love to meet up with you all.  We can work out the details when it gets closer.

At 6:50am on April 1, 2013, Frances Darlene Contadino said…

If I can get coverage at work I would love to meet up with you all. Last year I went on Friday. I am an early bird. I like to get there first thing. How about you?

How would we meet up? IT was packed last year.

At 5:17am on April 1, 2013, Frances Darlene Contadino said…

Hi Kathy,

I live in Clermont County, which is on the east side. I am just off 275. I am hoping to go to the quilt show. Have you thought about which day you are going?

At 6:33pm on March 11, 2013, Janet/MO said…

Hi Kathy,  some times I have to pay a bit more to return everyone's blocks, but so long as it doesn't amount to very much I don't worry about it.  Thanks for offering to help offset the costs though.  I really appreciate it.

At 7:21am on February 6, 2013, Linda Koller said…

What a position to be in!

At 6:03am on February 4, 2013, Linda Koller said…

Kathy, I just realized that I received a birthday card and FQ from you. So you don't need to worry about it!  You are way ahead of yourself!!!

Hugs. Linda

At 1:07pm on October 30, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

Hi Kathy,

yes we did pretty good no power loss and nothing else but a few branches in the yard,,we were blessed,,prayed for the families that I didn't know where they were,, so prayers were answered.

warm in the upper 60's and the sun came out for a while too.I did some sewing but becaues I haven't do it in so long,,I wasn't in the mood, but today I did finish the folded star...hot pad..it came out pretty with scraps.!! We do have dunkin donuts at evey corner. LOL!!!    Stay well my friend!!

At 6:20am on October 30, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

hoping your doing well with this storm,,let me know, Joanna

At 4:19pm on September 30, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

Kathy, meeting you would be great, I live in Putnam, Ct so if you need a place to stay you can at out house, e-mail me and let me know...Joanna

At 6:06pm on September 29, 2012, Cottonwood Quilter said…

Hi Kathy,

My email address is cottonwoodquilter@gmail.com funny that we were not friends so I could not send you a message.  I have sent a friend request so that will not happen again.

Have a great evening,


At 1:08pm on September 29, 2012, Lynne said…

Kathy,,, yes, we are driving to New Hampshire,,, visiting with friends.  Then will head to Buffalo area for DGD's 9th birthday on the 21st.  We always travel thru Canada,,, closer for us.

At 11:03am on August 22, 2012, Linda "Sue" Robertson, TN said…

Well Poo!!    lolololol   As Forrest Gump would say, "That's all I have to say about that".   

Hopefully it will work out for Nov. or Dec.,  I would love to meet you and hang out for a day.  As you said, keep me posted and if the Good Lord sees fit to bring you down my way then we will thank Him for the blessing.  Thanks for letting me know Kathy. 

Hope you guys are getting some of this cooler weather.  Fall is definitely in the air.  Much cooler early mornings. I love this time of year.

Blessings to you lady!!


At 3:29pm on August 18, 2012, Sheila Craft said…

Hi Kathy! Yes, I joined up with the ME folks, too! I'm a beginner (pretty much) with it so I thought I could get a lot of insight & help should I need it. Today I am doing a couple of the Cat Stocking projects on the Embroidery Library website for my daughter. (1 child but, 5 horses, 4 dogs, & a cat, too!) Anyway, I am getting the embroidery done on them - slow but sure - LOL! I have to laugh that you're in Morrow, OH and I'm in Morrow County, OH! Almost into Knox County, actually. I know Linda Kollar extended an invite to any of the Ohio group to come up to our retreat next weekend - Friday or Saturday would be best, since Thursday is check in & Sunday is check out - if you could make it, that would be great! If not, I'm sure we'll catch up with each other somewhere!

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