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At 5:40pm on October 25, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

Awesome!  I guess I'll try that then.  I'll see what Dr says first.

At 5:21pm on October 25, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

I could apply at Joann's but with my hip replacements, standing for 8 hours would be tough.  And there are only 2 quilt/dealer shops now.  Perhaps I could do part time work at Joann's??  I don't need insurances because that's already taken out of my retirement. 

I had thought of taking the year off to recuperate well and not need my cane for walking before seeking employment again.  I go to the Dr. on November 4, so we'll see if he says I'm ready to start walking without the cane and build strength in both legs now.  Hope  so!

At 12:36pm on October 25, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

I'm the same way!  I think I retired at the worst possible time.  I seem to be living paycheck by paycheck and just barely.  I've even thought of go back to work as a substitute---the one thing I said I'd never go back to do, and here I am thinking about it.  It'll bring in extra cash.  Subs here get paid at the end of every month and only $75/day less taxes as I'm only going back as a certified teacher and not an actual teacher.

My house is in shambles as well.  I need to organize things and taking care of mom (who loves hoarding) just doesn't bode well with me.  Getting depressed here.  I need to get out and have a good time, but I need$$$ for that as well as shopping.  I've not shopped for fabrics in a LONG time (well at least not monthly like I was used to doing).  Now granted I do have a large stash of precuts and kits, and I should get cranking on those.  At least I've got something I can sew.  Oh yea, but my sewing room is a mess and I've nowhere to put my Pfaff!  Whine!

At 10:37am on October 25, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

I'll be cleaning my sewing room this weekend, changing curtains, cleaning window, and will setup my Pfaff once again.  At least those are my plans right now.

It's ugly and windy today, and that makes me feel like doing nothing all day.

At 5:58pm on October 24, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…
I think I'm at the point where I only want one machine out, and I think it should be my Pfaff. Besides I have only the Pfaff/Viking , and Bernina dealers in town, 30 minutes away.
At 10:26am on October 20, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

By the way, I got talked into buying a BOGO on bobbin thread from a Discount Embroidery place.  These are really big spools of bobbin thread....and I'm praying it works with Pfaff.  If not, I'm gonna just use it with the Singer Futura Quartet I have. I ended up buying 4 spools!

At 9:06am on October 7, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

I'm thinking of taking out my Pfaff CV and setting it up in my embroidery room.  I have an Singer Futura SEQS6000 I use more as it doesn't pull up the bobbin thread like the Pfaff does.  I've also got the 5D software and I have yet to install it to my computer to use the machine.  Just wondering if it's all worth it since I have so much trouble embroidering with the Pfaff.  I know the dealer will give me free classes to learn to use my machine, but it's a 45 minute drive away.  

I love  your bobbin work!  That is so cool!  It made an excellent shirt!

At 3:43pm on August 15, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

I hope you have a BLAST!  Take pictures to share with us!

At 1:50pm on August 15, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

Have loads of fun on your retreat!!  I need a sewing day myself.  Even though money is tight, I'm going to see if I can go to the quilt class on the first Saturday of September.  We'll see.

At 4:56pm on August 7, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

Don't blame you!  They are gorgeous colors!  Amazing quilting too.  I want to start doing my own quilting because it costs too much to ship them out and get them done.  

At 4:49pm on August 7, 2013, Mary Alice Espinoza said…

Love all your pictures!!   That quilt is amazing!!  Gorgeous quilting on it!!

At 5:45am on July 5, 2013, Sherri Eley said…

Lima,  which is midway between Dayton and Toledo on I75.  If someone is interested,  give them my cell phone number which is 419-231-1512

At 7:31pm on July 4, 2013, Sherri Eley said…

Sheila,  since you are in to horses I have a question for you.  My former house guest left a saddle and bridle here when she got on the bus to Montana,  since she still owes me a bunch of money I had planned to sell it,  but DD looked into it with a friend who is active in equestrian things and it seems that  it is  so old  no one would likely want it.  So if you know anyone in this area who would like a saddle and bridle at no cost,  I will hang on to it,  otherwise it is going to the dump. 

At 12:32pm on April 24, 2013, Kim Webb said…

Hi Sheila,

Love, love, love that quilt that you just posted.

Did you do the quilting on it? 


At 1:18pm on April 5, 2013, Kim Webb said…

Hi Sheila,

The grinch is being printed out now. Thanks for the link.

I love your  photo's on the site. Looks like you have been very busy.


At 8:03am on December 18, 2012, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…

Hi Sheila, I'll try to find that pattern and give you the name & author.  She's from Montana, if memory serves.  I couldn't come up with it on a net search, but I'll see if I can put my hands on the actual pattern and get back to you.  It comes with directions for quilts in all sizes, which is nice.  

The fabrics were from Maywood Studios called "Cowboys & Indians."  There may still be some available, but it might be hit and miss, since the fabric line is several years old. Regardless, the pattern is what caught my eye and it would sew up nicely with any fabrics.  

The DWR quilt is nearly finished - only 20 more blocks to go.  I missed my Dec. 1st deadline, but progress is being made a little bit at a time.  It was originally a wedding quilt for my daughter who was married in June, but it may have to be a first anniversary quilt instead! :D  

At 11:16am on December 13, 2012, Cindy said…

Thanks Sheila, it was like a warm hug reading your comment this morning. Am doing ok for now. See the specialist in one week. Will keep everyone posted when I know anything.

At 12:09am on December 3, 2012, Cindy said…

Hi Sheila,

Somehow we were deleted from each other's 'friends' page. Don't know what happened, but do know that these pages do funny things from time to time. Several were deleted at the same time. Go figure. I may have hit a wrong button somewhere. But just wanted you to know I would love to have you back on my 'friends' list. And like Rusty says, we miss you on 'Gifty'. Take care of yourself. Hope to talk to you soon. Sending a Quilty Hug your way.  -Cindy

At 12:53pm on December 1, 2012, Rusty said…

Hi Sheila,

I've been wanting to write to you directly but kept getting side-tracked until today.  I've missed you so much on Gifty.  Wow, have you been busy!  I'm glad that you'll have a little more time after the first of the year.  I'm sorry that the by-laws won't allow you to be Treasurer again but maybe after the next 2 years you can.  I can certainly understand the President wanting you to be the Accounting Goddess for life! You are a hard worker and are very dedicated to whatever you're doing.  I know he's going to truly miss you handling things but I bet he's glad that you'll still be around to answer any questions or solve any problems that the new treasurer might not be able to.  How neat that you're working on streamlining things so that the process is easier.

When do you sleep?  : )  You sure have gotten a lot of projects sewn!  Do you have pics posted of them?  If you get a chance put them on Gifty or your page and I'll take a peek.  The Garden Patch Cats are just too adorable!  Which ones are you making?  I know your DD will really love it.  I'm sorry to hear that she was in an accident but thank goodness she's all right.  Too bad her insurance doesn't pay for the rental while she's waiting... darn!  Yes, they will always be our kids and we will always be concerned and worry about thing no matter what age they are!   That pillow sounds just gorgeous!  I would love to see that!

Nothing much is up with me - my hubby has been sick for 2 weeks now.  The doctors don't know why or what it is.  He's been to the ER 3 times already and has had several CAT scans and blood work but nothing has shown up as the cause to his pain in the back and abdomen area.  At least he's starting to feel a little better now. 

For Christmas presents this year I'm going to make pillowcases.  I've picked out the fabric to match each person either in what they enjoy doing or what they like.  We just don't have the money for a lot of gifts so at least the pillowcases will show that we care enough to spend our time.   : )  I've been trying to get caught up on Gifty but it's a lost cause now.  I'll probably be caught up by next year's Christmas.  LOL LOL  I'm just going to do what I can - that's all I can do!  LOL  Finished a baby quilt in record time for my son's co-worker.  I had 5 minutes to spare after I finished sewing on the quilt label!  Talk about timing!  LOL  Of course I was in a rush because my son told me at the last minute that the gal's last day was last Monday (he told me after Thanksgiving) so that I'd better get busy.  LOL  I still have 2 more baby quilts to make and then all the projects from Gifty and a BOM that I joined in Jan. and have only done 4 blocks.  I don't know how you do it all.  I'm so impressed and I admire your stamina and determination.  Hopefully when hubby feels better, I'll get back on track and get some sewing done. 

Well, I'd better close for now.  Do you want me to tell the Gifty gals anything?  I would be happy to pass on anything that you want to say.  Once Mari has the pics of the stockings posted, I'll let you know.  It's amazing what everyone did!  Take care and keep in touch Sweetie.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Quilty hugs as always,

Rusty   : )

At 12:11pm on December 1, 2012, Rusty said…

Hi Sheila,

How are you doing?  I've missed seeing you on Gifty!  Just wanted to say "hi" and see what you've been up to.  Whenever you get a chance, drop me a line...  thanks.

Have a great weekend,


Rusty  : )

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