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This year's block is an easy block to construct and can be made using four 2 1/2" strips of colored fabrics and one 2 1/2" strip of background fabric. (Hooray-  NO HSTs or Flying Geese!!  LOL)  This block is 8 1/2" square and will finish at 8" when sewn into a quilt.  Please make TWO blocks for each birthday girl.

To make this block you will need: four 2 1/2" squares of background fabric; one 2 1/2" square and one 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangle of each of the four different fabrics that make up the woven ribbons. Look at the block sample posted at the bottom of this discussion to help with the layout.

To help your fellow Birthday Swappers better select the appropriate fabrics I am going to ask you to pull out four fabric samples and a background sample from your stash.  Then take a picture of these fabrics and post this photo for all of us to see!  It really helps seeing actual samples!  Otherwise, we may have a different color in mind than the actual color the Birthday Gal has in her mind!  (What may be 'turquoise' to some might be 'teal' to others!) 

February 9th- Marcia: white polka dots on bright colors for 'ribbons' and solid white for background   (My birthday is actually January 9th but for the convenience of this swap I'm going to pretend it is February 9th!!)

March 19th- MaryBeth: Patriotic fabrics for 'ribbons' and solid white or white on white for background

August 8th- Jan W : Light pink, Dark Pink, Light Gray, Dark Gray for the 'ribbons' and white on white for background

September 19th- Janice H: Patriotic fabrics for 'ribbons' and white on white for background

October 23rd- Jackie O: Patriotic fabrics for 'ribbons' and solid white or white on white for background

November 7th- Nancy H: Gray, Yellow, Aqua/Teal, and Tangerine for 'ribbons' and solid white for background

December 1st- Tressa J: Bright fabrics (solids or small prints) for 'ribbons' and solid black for background

December 11th- Lynne: muted blues (think Kim Diehl or Thimbleberries) for 'ribbons' and cream for background

December 16th- Joyce: Dark tan, Burgundy, Green, and Brown for 'ribbons' and light cream for background


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2 1/2 strips would make an 8" finished block, but the quilterscache pattern page uses 3 1/2 strips for a 12" finished.  Which are we using?  I'm in...pondering my colors.

My bad!  Let's use 2 1/2" strips since we all seem to have plenty of these strips hanging out in our stash!  :)

My birthday is January 9th---but we're going to pretend it is February 9th for this Birthday Swap!

For my block I would like solid white fabric (NOT white on white) for the background fabric.  I would like four different polka dotted fabrics for the ribbons.  Smaller sized white polka dots on brightly colored fabrics: lime green, orange, hot pink, turquoise, bright red, lemon yellow, etc.  Please avoid darker polka dotted fabrics such as navy, burgundy, black, etc.


Birthday: March 19

count me in! I will choose the "Patriotic" colorway to make it easy for everyone with white background (white on white OR solid white)

I really like your choice of polka dots Marcia!

Dec 11

I am going with 4 shades of blue with a cream background.  More muted blues than brights... think Kim Diehl, Kansas Troubles, Thimbleberries tones

A couple of questions:  Do we make one block for each person on the list or multiple blocks?  I am still deciding on what colorway I want, but I definitely want in on the fun.  My birthday isn't until Aug, but I will decide in the next day or two.  Thanks for doing this again Marcia.

You have a really good question, Jan.  Here's something to consider when deciding whether we should make ONE or TWO blocks for the Birthday Girl:

*If we have the same number of participants as last year (16)...our 16 blocks would be 4 blocks across by 4 blocks down which would only measure 32" x 32"---not even a lap size.  Even adding sashing and borders, 16 blocks would not make a very large quilt.  And that's if 16 people participate!  

*If we have fewer than 16 participants...we would need to make many more blocks on our own.

So, I guess my vote would be for everyone to make TWO blocks.  After all- this is a very easy block to make!  

Okay, Ladies- tell me what YOU think?  One block?  Two blocks?

I was thinking of making something table topper size, but I am ok with 2 blocks.  By the way I'm making no guarantee that you will get yours by Feb 9,  the sewing room is kind of foreign territory right now.  I'm afraid to cut anything when I am walking around in zombie mode from lack of sleep.  I swear, a newborn is easier. I tried to get oldest to trade for the weekend, but he said she sleeps for 7 hours at night, he wasn't trading!

October 23....I think I'll follow Marybeth's lead and also choose patriotic with solid white OR white on white.

I have finally decided what I want (I think!!).  For my four colors:  Light pink, dark pink, light grey and dark grey.  I think white on white for the background.  A little out of my comfort zone, but my oldest DD's favorite colors!!  I can always give it to her!!  My birthday is Aug 8.

Ladies, I think I'm going to have to pass this year.  Way too many irons in the fire and way too many projects not getting worked on because of those irons.  It looks like it will be a beautiful quilt whatever colorway you choose.  Thanks for the invite and I'll plan on joining you next year.


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