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This year's block is an easy block to construct and can be made using four 2 1/2" strips of colored fabrics and one 2 1/2" strip of background fabric. (Hooray-  NO HSTs or Flying Geese!!  LOL)  This block is 8 1/2" square and will finish at 8" when sewn into a quilt.  Please make TWO blocks for each birthday girl.

To make this block you will need: four 2 1/2" squares of background fabric; one 2 1/2" square and one 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangle of each of the four different fabrics that make up the woven ribbons. Look at the block sample posted at the bottom of this discussion to help with the layout.

To help your fellow Birthday Swappers better select the appropriate fabrics I am going to ask you to pull out four fabric samples and a background sample from your stash.  Then take a picture of these fabrics and post this photo for all of us to see!  It really helps seeing actual samples!  Otherwise, we may have a different color in mind than the actual color the Birthday Gal has in her mind!  (What may be 'turquoise' to some might be 'teal' to others!) 

February 9th- Marcia: white polka dots on bright colors for 'ribbons' and solid white for background   (My birthday is actually January 9th but for the convenience of this swap I'm going to pretend it is February 9th!!)

March 19th- MaryBeth: Patriotic fabrics for 'ribbons' and solid white or white on white for background

August 8th- Jan W : Light pink, Dark Pink, Light Gray, Dark Gray for the 'ribbons' and white on white for background

September 19th- Janice H: Patriotic fabrics for 'ribbons' and white on white for background

October 23rd- Jackie O: Patriotic fabrics for 'ribbons' and solid white or white on white for background

November 7th- Nancy H: Gray, Yellow, Aqua/Teal, and Tangerine for 'ribbons' and solid white for background

December 1st- Tressa J: Bright fabrics (solids or small prints) for 'ribbons' and solid black for background

December 11th- Lynne: muted blues (think Kim Diehl or Thimbleberries) for 'ribbons' and cream for background

December 16th- Joyce: Dark tan, Burgundy, Green, and Brown for 'ribbons' and light cream for background


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Sounds good, 2 blocks it is.


Plain white please.

I mailed yours today and just in case this can change any minds, the blocks were very easy to make.  I had some charm sized polka dots that I used for yours, Marcia, worked like a charm!!!

Two blocks works for me.  

Marcia, I will get your blocks sent as soon as I can get to the fabric store.  Would you believe I have absolutely no bright polka dots with white dots?  Colored dots on brights- yes, black with white - yes several sizes of white dots, darks with white - yes, white with colored dots- yes. Brights with white - not a one!

Well, silly me.....I never thought about using a charm square to make the blocks in this swap!  Yessiree- one charm would be enough for one ribbon--- so 4 charms, along with the background fabric, and TA-DA...  your block  is done!  You're such a smart cookie, Nancy!  :)

No problem with late blocks, Lynne!  Glad I gave you an excuse to make a trip to the fabric shop!!!  Hope you come home with something for YOURSELF too!  :)

Hope to get your blocks in the mail today, Marcia.  If not today, then tomorrow.  Weather is kind of nasty here again today, so don't know if we'll get to town.  I don't like to put mail in our box at the road to be picked up...seems to take longer to 'find' it's destination.

Here is a picture of Joyce's selection fabrics.

Here is a picture of my fabric choices.  I did not put in a picture of the white, but plain white is preferred.  The gray is a dark gray and I only had one with polka dots. 

Marcia your blocks from me will be late. Sorry.

Marica, I will be late also.  I ordered some fabric for the polka dots only to discover the dots weren't white - cream or pink or whatever.  Oh well, I'll hot the fabric store soon and get what I need.  Sorry!!!

With our storm I have been able to get all blocks cut out and a couple of them sewn together. Going to try to get something in the mail today. 

Marcia and Marybeth your blocks went in the mail Tuesday.

Marybeth, I sent your blocks on Tuesday.


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