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This will be our first experiment. We will start a new technique on the first Monday of each month starting with February. Gather your thoughts, ideas and questions and we will get started on Feb. 4th.  

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ok, I'll give this a try.  Is there a supply list, instructions, etc?  I want to follow the idea/plan so I'm on the same page.

This will start on Feb 4th.....stay tuned!

Can't wait

This sound like so much fun. I need a real push to do some sewing and this is it.

I attended the Mancuso world quilt show in Tampa yesterday.  Here is a "slashed" quilt I saw...LOVE IT!

Here are a couple video's I found on youtube.....take a look and give it a try.  Please post your progress...if you have any questions let us know. 



watched these both and found all my scraps. Will make a less frayed piece first for myself.


Just wanted to stop in and say good morning!  I can't wait to try this.  I have errands to run this morning but this afternoon is all MINE!  Please remember to post your experiments!  I want to try layering with different fibers.  Lace, silk, organza, ribbon...anything shiny!

Lovely new toy to help me.

Love that tool.  It is for making

Chenille, which is also fabric slashing!

Here is a youtube tutorial for chenille using panels.


old denim skirt with 2 layers of fleece to line. If it turns out ok it can become a cushion for my rocker. sewed lines in matching thread.  Cut the denim layer then both fleece layers.will wash it tomorrow and see how it turns out.


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