Quilt With Us

This will be our first experiment. We will start a new technique on the first Monday of each month starting with February. Gather your thoughts, ideas and questions and we will get started on Feb. 4th.  

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Looks great!  I am working on a project right now on the longarm and won't get to playing with this until this evening.....will post a pic when I can.  Thanks for sharing.

have an idea, but will probably  work on it this weekend


quite like the raggy bits, think i will leave them on.


I'm still slashing. Here are a few shots of my progress.
at the moment it looks like something is going on with my computer or this site. I am unable to upload pics or delete / edit a comment. Going out for the day. I will try posting later this evening....

layering fabric...

cover all the bits and pieces.....start stitching.....

stitched down the mylar from a new container of coffee.....

time to SLASH!

Looking good, are you going to wash your pieces too. I have 4 more samples sewn and have cut 3 but my thumbs need a rest now. 

I still have some cutting to do but I will wash and dry when done.


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