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This will be our first experiment. We will start a new technique on the first Monday of each month starting with February. Gather your thoughts, ideas and questions and we will get started on Feb. 4th.  

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Looking great- will start my piece this week- thinking of doing a seascape with shredding  for the waves

Sounds wonderful.  I think the real challenge here is to find a way to utilize this technique in a finished piece.  Please post pics when finished!

should have used more care choosing scraps , too many must be polycotton. no fray.

Learning is the whole purpose of our explorations!  BUT........if we want to get that "fuzzy" splash of color and NOT all the threads.....try cutting with pinking shears.  This would allow us to see the colors beneath the top layer and not allow for the raveling.  Just a thought.

Finally figured out how to do my idea. Where I grew up ( Oyster Bay, New York ) we have a Sad tree. It's famous only to people in  Oyster Bay. So I decided to make a quilt top of the tree, and instead of batting layer the middle  with 5 fabrics , but only slash where the ocean is. Will work on the top the rest of the week and try slashing this weekend.

That sounds like a wonderful idea.  I am going to try and finish up my piece so I can wash it.  I will be at the Daytona AQS show next week so I need to get it finished.

Great photo Sharon, looking forward to seeing your quilt top.

I found a couple of videos from Angela Walters on youtube about "reverse applique" or what she calls "layered quilting"



So I finally got a pattern for my sad tree, worked out in my head how  I am going to do this, will work on it this weekend after I get the fabric washed and ironed 

How many layers of cloth should I use?

I would use 3 to 5 just for changes in value.  You don't have to cut through all of the layers with every slash.  You can vary how many layers you cut so that different fabrics would be revealed in different places.  Just a thought.   I am just getting back from Daytona AQS show.  I didn't do a completed project but am glad to have explored this technique.  It is now March and tomorrow I will try and start a discussion on another technique to explore.....please post photos of your project.  It looks like it will be wonderful.

So what I did was to cut the fabric of the water and shredded it, then put on steam-a seam lite 2  with other colors underneath. when I ironed it down - I I ironed up instead of down. Thought it worked out ok. 


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