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This month we will explore different uses for water soluble thread.  Have you purchased a spool of this product only to have it sit on a shelf?  Lets look closer at this wonderful product to see how many uses we can find.

I have added stabilizers to this month.  Not sure there are enough uses for the thread to keep us busy for a month.  But, add wash a way stabilizers and OH MY!  What possibilities!

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Just popped in and took a peek at what you all played with in February. Very nice ladies! I will try to do a little project later on. Am curious to see what you do with this month's topic.

I hope to get a list together tomorrow on the uses for water soluble thread.....in the meantime....here is a funny story from Dr. Bob from Superior Threads...


Here are some tips.

1) Don't "lick" the thread end when threading through a needle. 

2) Don't use steam when pressing.

3) Remember to remove all water soluble thread from your machine after completing your project.

Uses for water soluble thread:

Basting quilt layers

Basting applique shapes

Pattern marking (from the back)


Connecting small pieces of stabilizer

Please list any more uses that you have done.

Here is a product I found at Joanns.  Just look at all the uses!  How exciting.  Pick up a pack and get a spool of thread.  We will start experimenting in a week.  This should give everyone who wants to play time to shop. 

Here is a water soluble paper that I found on Amazon.  I ordered a pack so I can compare it to the pellon product.....

had no notifications for some reason. Never mind, hadnt heard of this thread before but ordered some from China, freepost???   Will play around this week as I have my Easter bunnies and bags out of the way now. I used wash away stabiliser to produce a sunflower bowl with thread painting a long tome ago. Also made seaweed for a seascape pic once. Fancy trying to make leaves or plants but that may be a bit ambitious.

Will have to check and see if I have these. Hopefully they made it through customs when we moved to Ecuador. Haven’t had need to check the box. Will also have to see if I can find items like this or similar here. Living here is quite the experience on what you can and cannot find. For example, baking soda can only be purchased in small quantities not in large boxes like the States. Apparently, it is used in drug making so they limit the amount you can purchase.


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