Quilt With Us

Good morning everyone.  This month we are going to experiment with collage.  To get inspired, take a look on Pinterest for the following artists...

Susan Carlson

Danny Amazonas

Laura Hein

For our first attempt at this technique, choose a simple subject.  For instance, a flower, bird,

or a pet. 

I'll be back soon.  Please upload a picture of your "subject" once you've chosen it.

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no, not if you don't want this to be a finished piece.  It was just an idea for looking closely at values.  Yours turned out nice...

Thanks for that.

thought I would get to them but other projects got in the way-  will do it soon

I know the feeling....just started getting quilts from actual customers.....everyone seems to have a deadline...they all want them yesterday.,..

mine done today 


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