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The dates for this year's retreat are Thursday, August 1st through Sunday, August 4th.  I have ten hotel rooms blocked off for these three nights (THURS/FRI/SAT) for the IQers.  Two of these rooms have a single KING bed and the remaining eight rooms have two QUEEN beds.  The rate will be the same as this year's rate ($91.99) - but still a bargain considering what they usually charge for the rooms.  The conference room is reserved for us those three days (Thurs/Fri/Sat) and we are even allowed to sew on Sunday (at no charge) since we are never sure how long the last quilter(s) will be staying on Sunday!

This year's charity project is a 'FIDGET QUILT" Please make it approximately 24" x 24" (and NO MORE than 36"x36").   SENSORY is an important factor when making a fidget quilt.  Here's an opportunity for you to use up some of your orphan blocks.  Enhance your quilt blocks with zippers, beads, bobbles, buttons, keys, rick rack, lace, ruffles, doilies, velcro, small jingle bells, or whatever else you can think of that might keep their hands busy.  (Attach the beads with ribbons and sew the ribbons into the seams for durability.)  Different textures of fabrics such as corduroy, velvet, fake fur, etc. are a good idea as well. TACTILE is an important goal to keep in mind when constructing these 'Fidget Quilts'.  You can even add a pocket---complete with a small stuff animal tucked inside with a ribbon attached to the animal so if it falls out it can be easily retrieved! It will be exciting to see the variety of quilt blocks & techniques used in these completed fidget quilts!  I imagine we'll see a lot of creativity going into these charity projects!  Can't wait!

***For our LCR game you will need to bring three 2 1/2" strips.  One strip is to be BLACK on black, one strip is to be WHITE on white, and the final strip is to be a strip of BRIGHT tone on tone fabric.

***Remember to bring your NDTS (No Darker Than Sand) blocks so Diane can swap them out for all who participated:  Tressa, Janice, Sandy, Jackie O, Marcia, Lynne, Diane, Marybeth, Nancy, Joyce, Linda, and Karen.  You need to make twelve 12" blocks (12 1/2" unfinished) for this swap.  The pattern is your choice, but the blocks should all be the same pattern.  You may use different fabrics in each block if you want to use fabrics from your stash- but the pattern should be the same.  Make one block for everyone- including yourself.

***For those of you participating in this year's Birthday Swap ("Ribbons" block)- you can bring Jan's blocks to the retreat and save yourself some postage!  Jan's birthday is August 8th and the colors she selected for her block are: Light pink, Dark Pink, Light Gray, Dark Gray for the 'ribbons' and white on white for background

***Bring your completed MYSTERY QUILTS in which Sandy O shared clues- with assistance from Jackie O!

Overnight retreaters:  (To reserve your room call 515-733-6363.)

Rhonda & JoAnn

Deb S 

Tressa & mom Janice

Sandy O 


Linda N. 

Marcia & Judy

Jackie, Nancy, & Joyce

Day Trippers:


Linda F (Jan's friend)


Jacque J


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does anyone want to share a room, just let me know


Linda - I'd be happy to share a room - as far as I know now, I'll be coming on Thurs.  My west coast kids will all be at my house that week and I'm not sure what day they're leaving (they are driving rather than flying), so when I get there depends on when they leave.   There is a slight chance I may not be able to come at all - depends on if Natalie gets an apartment she's looking at - if she gets it, we'll be moving her that weekend instead. 

What is it with kids wanting help moving THAT weekend. Don't they know Mom's have plans!  Mine seems to think it would be a great time to move too.

I know right?

Darce replied (via Facebook) that she is unable to attend our retreat.  :(  

Family priorities have arisen and we all understand when that happens.  Hope Darce will be able to join us at our next retreat.

Anyone know if Mary Grafe will be attending this August's retreat???  Sandy- are you able to touch base with her?

The site is acting up so don't know if my last message will come through.  So...I'll post again that I called Mary but there was no answer.  I left a message asking her to either call me back or post to the IQ list re: the retreat.  Hopefully she gets the message.

Thanks, Sandy, for trying to get ahold of Mary.

I'm sure everyone saw her reply in a new discussion group she started.  Hopefully we'll see her next year.

I won't be arriving at the retreat until 12:30 or 1:00 on Thursday.

My dear chauffer wants to stop in Ames for bbq on the way....and as long as I am stopping in Ames I might as well check out the local quilt shop.   I will be looking for a panel for a baby quilt.  I learned that my nephew (whose 3rd child just turned 7 months old over the weekend) is expecting a baby at the end of February.

So I need to get on another baby quilt.  :-)

Can't wait to see everyone.  Hopefully later today I can start checking that I have everything packed for retreat.

Packing?  You are supposed to do that more than 15 minutes before you leave?  

Lynne, I will pack and repack 15 times before I leave.  Pitfalls of being more than slightly a control freak and having a faulty memory.

Maybe I should save time and make a list of what I have packed and what I need to pack....but then would I remember to check things off????


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