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Instead of our annual "Birthday Swap" we will revisit our very first IQ Swap organized by our dear friend Betty in 2009.  Thirty participants participated in this first swap and in celebration of being IQ "Quilting Sisters" for TWELVE years, I am hoping that we will have a high number of quilters participating again in this year's swap!  :)

This is a fun and easy swap!  Each participant is to mail FIVE 5" charm squares in dark colored fabrics and FIVE 5" charm squares in light colored fabrics.  ALL TEN CHARMS MUST BE DIFFERENT PRINTS OF SHOP QUALITY FABRIC!  If you decide to participate you must mail ten 5" squares to all the participants.  Not everyone needs to receive the same ten fabrics- just make sure that the ten fabrics are all different. 

The charm squares should be mailed in a timely manner so that the recipients will receive their packet by MARCH 21st (National Quilting Day).

Please leave a comment below (prior to March 1st) if you wish to participate.  Most of your addresses I already have.  However, if I don't have your address, I will message you.  I will compile the addresses for everyone and share them via our group mailing on March 1st.

So who's ready for a good ol' charm swap??!

Participants: (some have responded here and some via Facebook) 

1) Marcia B 

2) Lynne M

3) Darce O

4) Marybeth P

5) Tressa J 

6) Linda N

7) Sandy O

8) Jackie O

9) Diane L

10) Carol V

11) Peg J

12) Karen H

13) Lana E

14) Rhonda H 

15) Janice H

16) Nancy H

17) Joyce

18) Bob Kent

19) Judy L

20) Jan W

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Just a question, not knowing how familiar Tressa's mail carrier is with her family.  Should we indicate Janice Halligen, c/o Tressa Jurries, etc. etc.

Sometimes mail carriers don't look at just the address, they look at the name too and might get confused until they personally know that Janice is Tressa's mom.  Just sayin'

Yes please do. I did not think of that. They usually deliver to the address but there just may be a chance the notice a new name.

Mailed off everyone's envelopes yesterday. Also told post master I would be recieving mail for a Janice halligan with my address. So they will be excepting them. Thanks everyone.

Just wanted to let you know that I am using birthday cards and some misc. cards to mail these, I hope that is okay?

Clever idea, Nancy!  Now I am excited to see what card I will receive from you...as well as the charms!  :)

I got your envelope today Karen!  I'm thinking I might wait to open all of them on NQD, March 21st.

Karen recieved both envelopes for mom and myself. And I could not wait. I opened mine. Not sure what will be made out of them but I've been checking that out also.

I received your envelope yesterday Tressa!  Thank you...can't wait to see them on the 21st!

Mine are in the mail.  Received envelopes from Karen and Tressa. I'm not as disciplined as Jackie - I've opened them already!

Got mine mailed yesterday.

Karen, I got your envelope yesterday and I couldn't wait, I opened it.  This is going to be fun!!

I will mail mine on Monday!

I won't be home until April 6th and my envelopes are going to Iowa...so I won't be able to see them until after the 21st.  That's OK....something to look forward to in the middle of unpacking and cleaning!


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