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Instead of our annual "Birthday Swap" we will revisit our very first IQ Swap organized by our dear friend Betty in 2009.  Thirty participants participated in this first swap and in celebration of being IQ "Quilting Sisters" for TWELVE years, I am hoping that we will have a high number of quilters participating again in this year's swap!  :)

This is a fun and easy swap!  Each participant is to mail FIVE 5" charm squares in dark colored fabrics and FIVE 5" charm squares in light colored fabrics.  ALL TEN CHARMS MUST BE DIFFERENT PRINTS OF SHOP QUALITY FABRIC!  If you decide to participate you must mail ten 5" squares to all the participants.  Not everyone needs to receive the same ten fabrics- just make sure that the ten fabrics are all different. 

The charm squares should be mailed in a timely manner so that the recipients will receive their packet by MARCH 21st (National Quilting Day).

Please leave a comment below (prior to March 1st) if you wish to participate.  Most of your addresses I already have.  However, if I don't have your address, I will message you.  I will compile the addresses for everyone and share them via our group mailing on March 1st.

So who's ready for a good ol' charm swap??!

Participants: (some have responded here and some via Facebook) 

1) Marcia B 

2) Lynne M

3) Darce O

4) Marybeth P

5) Tressa J 

6) Linda N

7) Sandy O

8) Jackie O

9) Diane L

10) Carol V

11) Peg J

12) Karen H

13) Lana E

14) Rhonda H 

15) Janice H

16) Nancy H

17) Joyce

18) Bob Kent

19) Judy L

20) Jan W

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This is so much fun.  I've gotten charms from Marcia, Peg, Janice, Karen, Nancy, Tressa, Lynne, Sandy, MaryBeth, Joyce, Jackie, and Jan.  So pretty!!!!  Thank you to all.  A nice cheery break from all the gloom and doom around us.  Stay safe and healthy ladies!

Bob, I got your squares today, thank you so much.


I have received almost everybody's charms!  It's so exciting.  I've opened the envelopes as they come, but only peeked and haven't taken them out.   I'm waiting until the 21st.  I just now saw the correction to Rhonda's address, so hope she got them!

Me too - I think I've gotten all but 3 or 4.  So much fun.

Ladies, and Gentleman,

I've finally gotten my charms in the mail. I'm sorry; I must be the last one. 

If your envelopes look like they got wet, it's because they did. My little Daphne spilled a bottle of water on them and I didn't get to them before some got wet. (They were empty.) Not very presentable. 

I think I've received them all and will wait until the 21st to open them. Thank you to everyone.

I have been trying to upload a pic from my phone but not having any luck. 

Any way, I have been out of it for a few days. Going to try to do our bills today.

Here is the list of charms we have received in the last few days, Bob, Rhonda, Sandy O, Darcia, and Diane.

HAPPY NATIONAL QUILTER'S DAY!  Hope everyone is enjoying their charms!  What a fun variety of fabrics!  Thank you to all who participated!

Lana- I got your charms in the mail today....so you weren't late!  Hooray for you!

My friend Judy told me her charms just got mailed today, so you will have another packet of charms to look forward to receiving next week!  :)

And....I have not heard anything from Linda Northwick or seen any posts from her either here on this site nor on Facebook.  I had sent a personal message to her on Facebook on March 1st and can tell that she had not read it.  So not sure what's going on in her life.  But if she is receiving everyone's envelopes filled with charms, that ought to jog her memory of this swap.  Anyone have any contact with Linda?  Hope she and her family are doing well.

Thanks for the reminder Marcia. I had totally forgotten about opening my envelopes today!

I saw on a FB post today that it was not just National Quilting Day, but WORLDWIDE Quilting Day....so HAPPY WORLDWIDE QUILTING DAY!!!  I waited for the mail to arrive and also received Lana's, so including my own squares, here are my 180 IQ charm squares!!!  Except for rebel Diane, can you believe that no two fabrics were the same?  Awesome!!  And THANK YOU to all for the fun with this exchange.  Now what will I make?  Marcia's card should give us some ideas!!

I don't see my ugly purple leopard print....probably you stuck it way in the back.  It was one of the ugliest fabrics in my stash!

It's about mid-way down in the right-most line Sandy!!  How could you miss it? ;^)

Don't know when I'll get to open my envelopes; we're here for another two weeks at least and longer if the virus order to stay home isn't lifted.  It's not being home that worries me; it's the 2 1/2 day trip on the road with hotels and bathrooms etc. to be experienced!  With the income tax deadline extended (that's the main reason we leave OPC the first week in April) we have no pressing reason to get home at any specific time.  So, we'll see.  Some of our friends headed out just to be home in their own beds and others are staying until the end of the month.


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