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Would it be possible to add a link to view unread threads on the forums since your last visit?

How about a General Chit Chat which you could talk about things in General like familys, No off color or flamming as they say just how are you doing today or what are you working on or the boo boos you did sewing somthing.
Just nice friendly talk???
Hi Annette,
I think anyone can add any new discussion on any topic. We've purposely left it open so it's your community. Just click on Add Discussion and call it General Chit Chat (great title).
Thanks Karen, It is just an idea. I may try to do it a little later,
It would be nice if General Chit Chat was a whole catagory instead of a discussion inside a catagory.
Looks like there is enough interest - I'll go ahead and make a new Discussion called General Chit Chat. That way it won't be buried inside this topic. By the way, anyone can add any discussion to the list.
Hi I'm Barbara, what are you working on to-day, is quilting knitting, or just sewing
I agree with wondering about the option to a view unread threads OR even just changing the color of the link on threads that have been completely read by me. That way my eye quickly sees which threads I'm caught up on, and which have new posts. :-)
I agree. Although I am new to this, it might make it easier for us new bloggers to see what is going on.
I'm checking on this. I'm not sure what options are available, but I agree it's hard to find where you left off.
I did check on this and unfortunately, the software we're using for this site limits us on making changes. We're not able to modify or give you a way to see unread threads or make color changes. I wish!


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