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I am a begining quilter and I have done some lap quilts,

I just made a Lopg Cabin 2 1/2' strips, but I don't know how to finish it, I tried hand quilting, but I am no good, and its hard to machine quilt to get it thru the sewing Machine,
does any-one have any answers to my problem
Hi Barbara, have you considered sending your quilt top out to a professional Long Arm Quilter? You give them the top, the backing and the batting and they'll quilt it any way you like.
Hi everyone, I am new to this web site as I am just learning to quilt. I have sewn for many years, but never quilted. What fun! I am hand piecing a quilt I think it is called Grandmothers Garden, this is where my question comes in, as I have done a lot of sewing I always do a lot of pressing as I go. Making this quilt I was doing some pressing, and things looked good then when I get a little bigger, it seems I have little seams going everywhere. Questions is should they all go the same way, to one side, all up or down or press each one open? I just was pressing it a while ago and the outside looks good, but the back doesn't and when I go to quilt it, won't it make a difference then. Actually I have a lot of small pieces going for a quilt and a larger one for a table piece, thats when I didn't think it looked nice. Open to all suggestions, thanks in advance for your help.

Hi AreDee, There are several opinions on this issue. But personally I prefer going in all one direction. Usually you Iron to the darkest color if you can. If you run into another seam then you just have it go the opposite direction. But keep both sides together when Ironing. When you get to corners this makes it much easier and less bulky to stitch through when doing all of your layered quilting.
Thanks for your suggestion, this is pretty fun, and what a great way to use a lot of fabric. Thanks for your time. AreDee
My local quilt guild would like to post our newsletter and announcements for all the computer users in our group to view online. Would it be ok to join as a guild and use the "my page" as a place to post our information and photos? Thanks, Vicky
Hi Vicky,
Yes, you certainly can! You can also have your guild members start a group and they all join individually if you would like a please where everyone can meet electronically and share their photos and projects.
Good morning all,

I have a "pressing" question I'd like your opinion on. Do you use steam when pressing? I've heard arguments for both but just wondered what most of you are doing. Thanks.
I steam.
I steam unless I am working with bias.
I steam press until iron uses all its water then I press dry
I steam also but do not iron just lift and press.


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