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Great tip Dorothy! I do that too when I remember to keep the starter piece by the machine.

Had a bit of a mishap and need to find some of the 'tossed pattern' in orange from the Momma's Cottons 2 collection. I need a minimum of 2 yards, but preferably double that.

This is for a quilt I was in the middle of making when the center piece got ruined so if anyone has that fabric and is willing to sell it, please let me know.

Thanks so mush.

Wondering if it's possible to exchange personal info (address/contact info) with one other member and do it confidentially? There probably is but I'm not very computer literate and can't figure that one out! Thanks. j
Hi Janet - yes you can, but you have to be "friends" with them. Use the Send a Message feature - it works just like email and is secure.
I would like to know about the technique of sewing a quarter of an inch around all sides of two blocks to make half square triangles. What are the sizes of the two sqs you use. Thanks in advance for your help.

MaryAnn in Texas

I don't know if you are asking someone in particular or not. Karen is probably the pro on this but I am doing a Hidden Wells quilt right now and using the "sandwich" method to make my triangles. I have used the method where you draw two lines with a dotted line in the middle and somehow my triangles still didn't come out even. I have used thangles and triangulations and that is much better for me but the sandwich seems to be the best so far - at least for me.

It is my understanding that you can use it with any size square. You just choose the size square that will give you the size triangles you need. I am using a 9" square for my hidden wells and a 6 1/2" square for another BOM quilt I am involved in. You need to make sure your square is really square - precision is something I am no Ace at but I keep trying!! Then you just sew your 1/4" seam all around - the directions I got said to just leave the needle down and lift the presser foot at the end of each side, so that's how I do it. It takes a little practice to get to be able to "eyeball it" and know when to stop. I marked the machine with tape until I got the feel for it. I use a guide to keep a scant 1/4" also. I just am no good at doing it on my own yet. I never sewed in my life and then started quilting just over a year ago! I sew a bunch of sandwiches and then when I have a stack, I take them - one at a time - and carefully make my "X" - giving me two sets of triangles for each block. I also place something on each side so the square doesn't slip on me - that was a suggestion in the directions and it works great to insure accuracy.

Hope this helps! Happy quilting!
Thank you so much I will try this
I hear the sandwich method works great sewing a quarter inch around all sides and cutting an "x" through the block, but I've never done it. Mostly my thought was with that method, you'll end up with bias edges all the way around your half square triangles, and they tend to stretch and waffle a lot more than straight edges.

I use the method where I cut two squares and mark the diagonal on the back of the lighter one. I layer the squares right sides together and sew a quarter inch away from each side of the pencil mark. Then I cut on the pencil mark and press the seam allowance to the darker fabric. In order to get the size block you want, your original squares are supposed to be 7/8" larger than your finished block. I can never get mine to come out even either, Rosemary, so I make my original pieces a whole inch larger than needed (instead of the 7/8"), and then I trim them down, making them even as I trim. Doing it this way, the bias edge is already stitched down before I cut, so it can't get stretched out of shape as much as I work.
Thanks Rosemary - I've never tried this method!
What about asking for help locating material that "someone" didn't buy enough of to begin with???? Where would I post that?
I would make a blog post so it shows on the main page and more people will see it.


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