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Thanks I'll try that...I'm not very "computer savy," so it may not show up!
Hi Freddie, I took a look around here to see if we had any leftovers for you. I'm sorry! It's long gone.
I give up . . . I understand the latest Connecting Threads catalog was to have been sent out on September 19, and once again, I didn't receive my issue. This is the only catalog I care to receive. It's also the only one I seemingly can't get. I've made several calls to the Connecting Threads staff over the past year to try to get my address changed. Staff is very courteous and tries to be helpful, and they even send me an extra copy if one is still available (often they're all gone), but the problem is intractible, and I can't keep making telephone calls about it.

The problem is my address is TOO LONG to fit on one line, so the apartment number MUST go on the second line. When I call, CT customer service makes this change, and each time the computerized addressing system overrides it, bumps it back to the first line, and it gets lopped off the end. There are 400+ units in my complex, and if the apartment number is missing, it's SOL for third class mail. So, of the dozens of unsolicited catalogs I get each month, I guess the one I truly want will not be among them. Many other companies have been able to fix this problem for me, but not this time. Boy, sounds tragic, huh? Violins anyone?

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I'm over it, and will miss receiving the catalog. I still have the Website, and Quilt With Us, which I really enjoy! And the stacks of beautiful CT fabric I keep adding to. :)

I suppose I'll hear now that the catalog hasn't gone out yet, or it will be in my mail box tonight, and then I'll be, "oh. never mind."
Oh those blasted computers. I have the same problem with a lot of systems. Try fooling the computer.
On that next line, try getting it to stay there but typing, Attn: Box #400, or what ever your number is. Then the P.O. knows it doesn't pertain to them and who ever sorts mail, or the postal delivery person will know what box to put it in. That should be enough text for the computer to recognize it as a legitimate third line and not try to bump it up.
Wow, thanks! I'm going to try that.
Hi Lindsey, you're right, our October catalogs are in the mail stream right now - I live in Vancouver, WA and haven't rec'd mine yet, but it sounds like you might not get one again. I'm so sorry!

I've copied your post and asked our Customer Service Director to take a look and see if she can do something to fix it once and for all. I'll keep you posted.

Karen Johnson
VP, Connecting Threads
Thanks Karen, I know the customer service reps do their best, it's just the computers!
Hi Lindsey, our c/s director should have emailed you. And I was wrong, the catalog won't be in the mail stream until early next week, but as soon as we receive ours here, she'll be mailing one personally to you. Maybe this time you'll get two! Share with a friend, eh?
I have a block of the month group. How can I add a slideshow or photoalbum that when a member add a pic of their block to their own profile photo album, they could tag it and have it show up on the group's main page? It's a pain to go back thru pages and pages of comments to see pictures or go to each individual members profile. Thanks!

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post a question about the Connecting Threads EQ Dowloads, but here goes...is anyone else having problems downloading some...not all...of the newer collections?  I tried dowloading the files from the Quilt with Us website and I also tried downloading the files from the Connecting Threads fabric website, but after I extract the files and place the .FAB file in my EQ7 user file, there are no fabrics in the file.  I've tried everything I can think of and now I'm at a loss as to what to try next.  The specific files are as follows:  Folk Heart, Hope Chest, Love My Honey, Parlor Pets, Spice Blossoms, and Whirlwind Romance.  I'm not new to EQ7 and I don't ever recall having a problem in the past.  Any suggestions would be greatly apprectiated!

Hi Everyone!  I have a question which I would like to throw out to all of you.  When hand quilting a project (like a wallhanging,) what color thread do you use?  The project I have in mind I was going to use unbleached muslin for the backing.  Cream colored thread? White thread? Brown or orange to match the colors on the front?  Thank you for your help.

I would use the color you like best with the fabrics on the front.


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