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Hi. I just joined the group - what a great idea! I have been quilting for many years and always find it inspiring to talk with other quilters. I have been looking at some of the profiles listed and just wondered - has anyone noticed how many quilters are pet owners? Funny how the two seem to go hand in hand. I look forward to meeting new friends here. Happy quilting everyone.

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I think it means quilters are very loving caring people.
I agree! I think it doesn't matter size - big or small - or type - dog, cat, hamster, lizard, etc.- we tend to love the companionship. I know I am the most content when I am at my sewing machine with my dog curled up asleep in my sewing room - especially when it is -30C (-20F) outside and I don't have any reason to go outside! Have a great day!
As a group, Quilters are wonderful people, kind, generous, good parents, good to their parents, and oh yeah!, good looking as well. That's why pets adopt us.
I have often wondered the same thing - especially cats. Why do we do it? They are nosy, shed like crazy and always have to help you. One of these days I'm going to be able to baste a quilt all by myself!
I don't know Kit - I would bet you would miss the company and challenge of basting that quilt all by yourself! Have a great day!
I have the same problem with my little dog. As soon as she see's me lay a quilt on the floor she has to come over and lay right in the middle of it. I think, she thinks, mommy put it there just for her!
Kit, I can totally relate. My cat is always wanting my attention when I am working in my workshop but I love it. Sometime she will just lay new my sewing machine and keep me company. It's comforting and make me happy to have her close by. I call her my quilting kitty. She stays in my workshop - she doesn't like my other 2 cats that stay in the house.
Well I had to have my last cat put to sleep at the start of the New Year. It just broke my heart. He was 21. I didn't want to get another pet, because of how hard it is to let them go. BUT hubby wanted to get a dog, so we went to the SPCA and found Willy. He is part Lab and part Greyhound. You could not ask for a more lovely dog. He even rates an old quilt to lay on!
I had a pet i loved so much.Had to put him down,he must of had a stroke,couldn't move his back leg's.I just can't bring myself to get another pet.
I'm getting backing into quilting and working on a crazy quilt,it's foundation pieced.....Connie
Sorry to hear of the loss of all the pets. I've had my share also, but I prefer to think of the loss as a gain for someone in heaven who will take just as good care of my pet as I did. This may be crazy, but it sure helps me.
God Bless all of us and those pets we love.
Never really thought about it, but I guess it is true! I sure do love to have my little cocker, Nicky, laying by my side while I quilt. He is such a good companion and loves to be nearby always. It is comforting to me to have him there.


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