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Time to think about going to the quilt show-it will be so hard without Betty-she always looked forward to this so much  I am finding a couple fo classes I am interested in-Wed night's A;; Star Review  and Ida Eisenhower on Thursday afternoon...

Can we hear from nancy or Andrea ifd we can have the church on Tuesday night again? 

When can anyone go? We should try to meet in a restaurant one night as we have before-we always have sew much fun!

Does anyone want to do a block lottery again? If so,what block? 

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Yes, Pat, I agree...this year will be sad without Betty.  I have also signed up for some things on Thursday that week: an hour-long 'Free-Motion Fun and Facts' @ noon, the Ida Eisenhhower hour-long presentation @ 2:00, and the evening show @ 7:00 with Katie Pasquini.

I'll FB Andrea and ask her about the church.

I am here! What is the date for that tuesday? I am out of it, not sure when the show is this year!

The show dates are Wednesday Sept 30 - Saturday Oct 3.  So Tuesday would be 9/29.

Ok, tuesday night at the church is our's!

Although the AQS show has a lot to offer, the dates are often not good for me.  I'm teaching a cooking class on Sept. 29th.  Anyway, I really prefer retreats to shows unless there are really, really good classes that are worth the time and cost.  I took one the first year we met at the show but haven't done one since.

Have a good time, all who attend.  You KNOW Betty will be there in spirit.  It really was the highlight of her year because other than family events which were usually local, she didn't get to go many places because of health and finances.  She was such a grateful lady for all she received or was able to do.  We will all miss her for a long time.

I will probably not go to the show until Saturday. I will try to get together with you all at the church so I can see you all again.

I have not actually registered for these classes yet-waiting for appt Fri afternoon to see if I will be able to go!

Not sure I will be able to go as field inspection is really going 100mph by then. But if I get a day off I will be heading that way.

I will be at thw church by 6 on tuesday night. I assume we will be bringing our own supper since that worked well last year. I think Sue and I will be going to the show on Saturday also Rhonda since school shuttling has me so busy during the week. I am up for a block lottery as long as it isn't too complicated (aka- time consuming, I have none!) Please let me know if there is anything else I can do/plan before then.
Which church?

Hopefully, Andrea or Linda will see your post Janet, as they go there.  I just know how to get there!  I hope you can come and meet us in person!  Not always the same group of gals can come, but some of this IQ group have been getting together the night before AQS starts since the show started coming to Des Moines.

Christ the King Lutheran Church

600 1rst Ave. N

Altoona Iowa


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