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*A salad for Friday noon's luncheon at Diane's home

*Your beverage of choice (water, tea, pop, wine....whatever your preference) for the duration of the retreat

*Snack to set out on the community snack table to be shared with everyone (cookies, chocolate, bars, fresh fruit, chocolate, licorice, candy, nuts, mints, chocolate, trail mix....you get the idea!)  Quilters are partial to chocolate!!!  :)

*Lap robe made from a quilt block thats name begins with the SAME LETTER as your first name!  Try to keep the lap robe to 36"x36" so it won't get caught in the wheels of any wheelchairs.

*Three  batik FQs in SUNSET colors for our LCR game!

*Please bring three quilt related items in a RECYCLED GIFT BAG for our swap.  The three items to tuck inside the "MYSTERY BAG" are:  1)  a quilt book or pattern you no longer want;  2) a quilt tool (e.g.- a seam ripper, tape measure, scissors, a duplicate of a tool you already have or maybe even a special ruler you had to have but don't use; 3) TWO yards of fabric you are no longer in love with or you wish to donate!  The two yards can consist of 8 FQs, four 1/2 yards cuts, whatever....as long as it equals TWO yards of fabric!  (And NO...the fabrics do not have to be coordinating if you have more than one fabric!)   Place these three things into a recycled gift bag for our swap activity!  After we are done playing the game and you received something in the bag you don't think you'll use - we can swap with one another after the game!

*Any additional sewing related items (not tucked inside the "Mystery Bag") can be added to our annual GARAGE SALE!  Here's a great opportunity to clean out those no-longer-needed items in your sewing room and have them adopted by your fellow quilters!  Feel free to bring other craft items such as yarn, beads, felt, buttons, etc. -since everything seems to find a home at these garage sales!  Even novels, audio books, and cookbooks can be added to the garage sale since we have a lot of avid readers in our group!

*Two or three quilt projects you have completed and would like to share during our "SHOW & TELL"

*Remember your quilting buddy:  your friendly stuffed GORILLA!


*I will bring two sets of bed risers to place under the legs of two long tables to make them a comfortable height for cutting tables.

*The hotel will supply the irons and ironing boards. (These are from the rooms but the staff will have them in the conference room for us to use during the retreat.)  You may wish to bring your own personal mini-iron and small ironing pad so you can do this task in your work space.

*Bring your own rotary cutter, scissors, and rulers.  You may decide to bring a small cutting mat, but it's silly for all of us to bring large cutting mats.  Diane, Sandy, and I will bring LARGE cutting mats to share with others.  

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Thanks, Marcia, for the details.  AND....for reminding us to bring our Gorillas!  For those who have not attended an IQ Retreat before, we decided to make the gorilla our mascot after Marybeth was convinced her exotic animal company had an customer on the line who wanted to order Gorilla food.  Of course it was a practical joke from one of our members...Peg or Jackie or Diane...can't remember who at the moment, but it became such a cute story that we all decided to "adopt" a gorilla and bring him or her to the Retreat.  All you need to do is find one (no size requirements) in a toy store or Wal-Mart or wherever and bring it along to sit beside you and make you smile during the Retreat.  Mine rests on the window sill of my sewing room the rest of the year but it does make me happy when I look at him. His name is Gangnum (after that crazy Korean guy who did the gangnum- style dancing video a few years ago.  Think I spelled it right but you get the idea!

Marcia...are we doing a right-left-center game this time and, if so, what should be bring for that?  Strips, FQs, Ugly Fabric in a bag, money (I like to play it with dimes and you can use the money to buy fabric LOL)

Last year we decided NOT to have a "Block Lotto" with an individual winning all the blocks.  What are your thoughts for this year?  A "Block Lotto" or not??

Also- we need to decide on the theme for our annual LCR game.  Last year the theme was "Sand & Sea".  We all brought 3 FQs of blue, turquoise and sandy (tan) colored FQs.  What color way would you like this year?  We could do a "SUNSET" color way using orange, red, pink, purple....the colors of sunset.  (Batiks offer perfect sunset colored fabrics!)  Or even a black with white print, white with black print and a bright colored fabric make a fun threesome color way!  Or we could do three 30's printed FQs.  Is there any other color way that you would like to suggest??  I'm open for suggestions!

The MYSTERY BAGS were fun last year, so they are on the game night agenda again!  Details are posted in the discussion message.

Last year we did a strip swap, but with LCR game, our MYSTERY BQG swap, and "Show & Tell"  I hate to take too much of our sewing time away.  So---are you okay with not doing a strip swap this year?  Let me know your thoughts!

Aslo- I will be bringing a LARGE cutting mat.  Diane, Deb, or anybody else willing to bring in their large cutting mats?

I can bring a large mat also

I agree, no block lotto...to late and I like the sunset batiks idea. Just let us know soon. 

thanks Marcia

Marcia...our posts must have "crossed in the mail" since you answered my question about LRC.

I vote to skip the block lotto again; lots of other fun stuff going on.  I also love the idea of SUNSET batiks for the LRC game(s).  Will we play more than one round?  I know we need 3 WOF 2 1/2" strips or FQs for EACH game.  Those colors would be beautiful.  I would vote for the strips this time around rather than the FQs but will go with the majority.  Or we could do 10" layer cake squares as something different.

One year we did the Ugly Fabric Exchange and that was fun because what one of us sees as ugly, someone else loves.  I think we put them into plain bags (you put some mark on it so you don't draw your own) and just chose them off the table according to numbers we picked out of a hat with whomever draws #1 goes first etc.  Does anyone want to do that again?  We could always incorporate the uglies into our challenge lap quilt for 2017. 

I love the games and it does get us away from our machines for a while which is a good thing.  My DH read somewhere that "sitting" is the new "cancer" with regard to causing medical problems. Some offices now have stand-up desks or those that go up and down according to what the user prefers at any one time.  

Whoops...forgot to say I can bring a large cutting mat and/ or a medium.

I vote skip block lotto this late in the game. Odds of getting something done at this point are slim.  If we want to do it next year maybe we should decide at retreat what to do so we have a whole year to get it done ;)

As far as LCR, an executive decision is good with me, by midweek so we have a chance to get somewhere to shop if the chosen color way isn't in the stash.

I'm going to have to see what is in the mystery bag I had packed last year - it is still in my bag all packed up to go!  I'm excited to see what projects I have packed up too, I never unpacked that bag from last year either.  It will be a surprise when I get there.

I have something up my sleeve for next year's lap quilt.  (Lynne- you might already know what I'm thinking since you were at the auction I had attended!  LOL)  The rest of you will just have to be surprised as you wait for details!  :)

Where's the like button!?!?

I am in for LCR using Sunset batiks!!  Love batiks!!!  I won't have any other supplies for games.  I will bring the challengI the quilt.  I can hardly wait for the weekend to get here!!!

I have stuff for the "free" swap thing.  Some real "jewels".

Okay, ladies- those who have responded are in favor of the SUNSET colored batiks!  So....please bring three FQs in sunset colors (red, orange, pink, purple, etc) for our annual LCR game!  :)

Well, I've been holding my breath for this moment, but my fears are confirmed. I can't make the retreat. I have to work, and the clinic sent me an appointment for Friday. As for work, I knew what I was in for when it went back. I had to beg for a string of days off for my sister's visit. I just can't ask for more favors. Sorry, gals. I know this is not what you wanted to hear. Please don't kick me out of the group.


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