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This is kind of a weird question, but here goes. My husband likes my quilts, but the top I am making now for my bed he wants it wo be thicker than my normal quilts. When he is sleeping he likes the feel of weight I guess. So I am wondering if anyone has ever done a quilt where they used two layers of batting? I have 2 of the warm and natural cotton batting and thought about just sandwiching them both inside the quilt to give it the extra warmth and loft he is looking for. The other thing I could do is use the extra dense batting they have at my quilt store, which would make it warmer, but not give it any more loft because it is just like the regular batting but much more dense in weight. So anythoughts or advice would be great.

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Order high-loft batting from an on-line source.
Hi Mary,
Yes, I've heard of 2 layers, but keep in mind that will be one HEAVY quilt! Another way to go is to try Quilters Dream Cotton batting - I think it's their Supreme - it's heavier than normal and some of the quilters in the office have loved it for the extra weight. You could also add a layer of flannel to the normal batting so you'd get some extra weight but not so much that you need a crane to lift the quilt :)
The quilt that we have on our bed has two Hobbs wool batting in it. My DH had the same request as yours and he loves that quilt. I love it too as I had an old wool batted quilt, that my grandmother made, on my bed when I was growing up. When the quilts are heavier the weight of the quilts sort of encase me and I feel safe. Kinda weird I know, but I don't know how else to explain it.
Thanks for the replies. My husband helped me lay it out and I did use two of the battings. I am machine quilting it and it is going great. I thought it might be too thick, but I haven't had any problems besides how big it is. The two battings will make it perfect for him.


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