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I must admit that most of what I know about quilting, I've learned by reading about it online or in books (fiction, too). I read about a block swap I'd kind of like to try...though I've never participated in a block swap, let alone run one before. I'll be honest right off the bat and let you know that I don't intend to start the swap until this summer (there just isn't time right now), but I figured I could throw this out there and see if I could drum up some interest before then. I'll have guidelines and everything typed up by the end of the spring, but for now, the basics.
*We would need 12 people to participate. Preferably, they would each have a birthday in a different month, but if some people didn't mind celebrating a different holiday or their half birthday, we could stretch that rule a little. Otherwise, it'll be first come, first served for claiming birthday months.
* Each month, we would make a swap block (the colors, size, and pattern would be chosen by the person who's birthday falls in that month) and send all of our blocks as gifts for that person.
I think this sounds like a neat swap because all of the blocks don't have to be done at once...we'd only have to make one block each month. Plus, we'd get to try out new types of blocks.
This will be rather informal...by that, I mean that all are welcome. I am a newbie and I certainly hope to never find out that a block I send in was "unacceptable." It is within your rights to alter, fix, or discard any block you recieve, but please don't tell me! :^)
Anyway, if you'd be interested in joining in, please leave a comment with the month of your birthday. I'll start...my birthday's in February (though if there are other Februarys out there who want to participate...I'll find another holiday, like the 4th of July or Christmas to celebrate!)

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Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might be interested (I'll post a comment on the My Quilt Blog Page). For now, I'll leave it in the discussion area, but if it hasn't gotten enough interest by the time summer rolls around, perhaps I will think of starting a group.
I'm so excited to have a couple of people interested already! What I'll do, is once I have 12 interested quilters, I'll close the discussion and we can start our own group to keep track of the swap through the year. There's no way I'll be able to organize multiple groups, even in the summer!
Monica, It sounds really Neat.. And Yes I would be interested in the birthday Block Swap Im in September.

thanks Bobbie
This sounds fun, I would be interested my birthday is in April. Julia
Hey Monica.....I'm in for March. You know, if you get a ton of responses you might have several groups of 12....hosts could be picked from each group of 12 if it is too much for you. I'm also wondering if there are a bunch of responses if we could get a specific group from our "my quilt blog" group. I think there are 13 members in there right now.....just think about it! Becky
Monica - this sounds like fun, count me in. My birthday is in September, and it looks like there is already a September, so I can be November if there isn't one. I picked November because that is my Favorite month. But whatever month works for me. I'm easy (but don't tell anyone). After Spring works for me too. It's kinda crazy around here until then. lol!! Have a great day and Happy Quilting. Gina
Monica, I would be willing to participate. My BD is in Nov. We're a long way to getting the 12 slots filled. Let me get this straight. Each of us makes 1 block/mo., size and color that the BD girl desires. At the end of the year, one would have enough for a quilt or to add other blocks to the blocks received.
Glad to have you on board...you've got the details exactly right.
I would be interested. My birthday is in March, but if you need another month, I would be willing to trade.
I've started a group just for us so we can exchange addresses and plan blocks. I've made it a closed group so others can't join by mistake in the middle of the swap. This means I personally need to invite you to join, which I can't do until we're friends. I sent you a friend invitation, but wanted to let you know about it on here in case you either weren't aware yet that I'd sent it or weren't sure why. I hope you had a great week...happy weekend!
~Monica Miller
We're really close to having a full swap. We just need for a few people to pick a new month because we already have birthdays for their month (sorry it didn't work out better). Then, we need three more people for the three remaining months and we'll be all set to start once my 4 concerts are over.

The following months are available:

The following people will need to choose a month from the available months...(hopefully we won't get someone else with that month as a birthday...birthdays get first priority):
Debra L Weisen
Quiltmom (sorry, we do have a Nov. birthday)
If you'd like to wait until we get the three last people, and then you know for sure which months aren't going to be taken by birthdays, feel free!

I'm so excited about the great response. I'm not going to try to run other groups or organize them into groups of 12. If you'd like to branch out and help others start other similar swaps in addition to participating in this one, go ahead, but I've never run a single swap before, so I'm going to limit this to 12 people, once we've got them all.

Hope y'all have a good week!
I'll take August. Both my husband and son's Birthdays are in Aug. Thanks, Gina (aka Quiltmom)


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