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Please sign up if you are interested in a Dear Jane block exchange. We will be figuring out the details later. Of course, this is not binding. You can drop out at any time. Thank you.

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Count me in for a block exchange. I vote for each of us using our own fabrics and background. And I like the idea of Susan being a clearing house for all of the blocks. Seriously, I might be able to do something more difficult than Uncle Homer...
Now I'm going to check out Janet's and Carmen's blocks, and email my info to Susan
So far, we have nine people in the block exchange. Is there anyone else who wants to join? Hope so!
On the Dear Jane list, we had many block exchanges. I haven't been following that list very closely for a while so I don't know if they're still doing it or not.

We would have seasonal or holiday swaps. For example - fall swap - All the fabrics had to do with the fall season. An Easter swap - all the fabrics had to do with Easter. You could make any block you wanted but you had to make the same block for all the blocks and you would use the same fabrics in that particular set. For example, there's a Spring swap and I signed up for A-1. All 9 blocks would have to be A-1 and I'm using a yellow background and a green print. I always enjoyed those kinds of swaps.

Another swap used D-13. This was usually called a Siggie Swap. In the square each person wrote their name and hometown & state. The center square was always unbleached muslin. The other fabric was left up to the person making the block.
Well ... no wonder you couldn't get far on your own quilt! It sounds exhausting.
True, but I have no one else to blame but myself. I could have said no.
Oh, don't blame yourself for it! It's all right ... we'll still talk to you even if you don't join the block exchange ... and you can change your mind in a couple of months, too. No worry.
I do hope I can still do this, I too would like to be part of your block exchange. I will do what the majority wants to do but the idea of putting the blocks on the back with everyone picking her own fabric and block sounds good to me, that way it is less mailing.
Gloria, sure you're still on time to join this. We will put you on the list. Thank you. Oh, our backings are going to be so pretty with everyone's additions!
Hello dear friends.

So far, the persons who have expressed their interest in participating in this project are:

Yolande, Susan, Anne, Janet, Edna, Gloria, Diane, Karla, Elaine Rose, Jackie and myself.

Please let me know if anybody else would like to sign up now or if anyone previously signed up would like to drop out. Either circumstance will be perfectly understood. :)

The fact that a couple of the persons in the group are very far ahead in their quilts and are going to put the "sandwich" together, calls for us to get the exchange blocks done and mailed to Susan, who so kindly offered to centralize the block sharing. Susan will organize all the posting. I've just thought maybe, those of you who live in the US, can send a self-addressed postage paid envelope with the blocks you send to her, so she can use it to send you the blocks from the other participants. I don't know about Canada, but I have checked at my local post office and I can't arrange to have postage paid from here. Sorry Susan :(.

I think the only "rule" is to send one block per person in the group. The block should be 5 x 5 inches unfinished and from Jane's quilt. You are free to choose which blocks to make and the fabrics and colors put in it. Blocks should be signed and also please add location and date, and any other comment you would like.

Since right now there are 11 persons in the group, we will each make 10 blocks for exchange purposes (because we don't make an exchange block for ourselves LOL).

You will in turn receive one block from every participant. Of course, you can use the blocks you receive as you best like. I will sew the ones I receive into the backing of my Dear Jane quilt, to have a beautiful memento of the ladies that so kindly helped me along the way and with whom I have shared so many laughs and some frustrations ... oh, lets call them "disagreements", as Diane says! I laughed when I read her message. For a moment, I was trying to figure out why she was telling us about an Aunt of hers that she had held an argument with. LOL.

If there are any changes concerning the participants, I will post it here in the coming days.

Thank you for your collaboration and ... Have fun!!
How soon do our exchange blocks need to be completed? Should we set a target date for completion? I know if I don't have a deadline things don't get finished. Are we talking April, June, or December?
Carmen should we do them now!
Unless anyone on the block exchange has strong objections, I'd like to make everyone a basket (J-12). Participants are welcome to look through the fabrics I've used (other than the purples) and make requests. The purples I've used in my blocks started small and are even smaller now:-) I will use background of your choice, from the ones I've used in my blocks, or as close as I can get to what you'd like. Edna


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