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Please sign up if you are interested in a Dear Jane block exchange. We will be figuring out the details later. Of course, this is not binding. You can drop out at any time. Thank you.

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Edna I would love a basket block.Your blocks are beautiful so I'd be happy with any color you choose.
Me too! You pick, I'll be thrilled with anything from you!
WOW I love the basket! And I would like it to be your choice of fabrics because I'm sure they will somehow convey who you are or what you feel for me, and that is much more important to me than the fact that it matches more or less with other blocks. Guess what ... I'm going to set it in my top. I can't put it on the backing, its too pretty!
Edna, you may use any fabrics that you have lots of for my block, Your work is so nice it will only enhance my quilt. thank you, Gloria
Dear friends ... how does deadline March 31st sound?? Is it too bad?? I'm trying not to delay other people's work with this.

If somebody can't meet this date ... as far as I'm concerned ... they can make me wait ... I'm far behind. Of course it will be easier for Susan if everything is sent at one time and she can distribute it and forget about it, but she might accept if you send about 5 blocks by March 31st and another five the next month.

I'll also accept M-10's if this simplifies things :). So not to worry, it will be fun and most welcome whatever I receive.
March 31st deadline is perfect. I work best with deadlines. But I need Susan's address. Thanks
I have everyone's email, I will be sending out the address shortly, (after I finish helping DH with his email, did I say helping, I mean doing my DH's e mail.LOL)
Thanks Susan, I haven't been reading the forum lately and got behind... Will get some blocks ready and hopefully get them to you before the 31st. Thanks for doing this for us.
Hi, girls, I've set Jane aside for a bit. I've been working on a 30's applique block. 14" square. I'll post a picture as soon as I get the butterfly's 'butt' on....hopefully tonight.
I think I have too many fingers in too many pies!!!!
How many signature blocks (each) are we to send to Susan?
10 please, Anne. Your choice of blocks and fabrics, but please don't forget to sign and add location, date ... any other note.

How's the celtic one for your son going? I'm really looking forward to seeing that one!

I just started one for my mother in law ... this is what makes Dear Jane last for 10 years I guess. LOL.
Carmen you and Anne are so right. I just downloaded#3BOM from Bunny Hill Designs and want to do it now. But I am committed to 2 Dear Jane blocks today.I think I'll choose 2 easy if I can find any!
Hi everyone ... just to make sure you are all aware of this, I'm posting a note here.

We will only have to make 9 blocks for the block exchange. Gloria has unfortunately felt she had to drop out. We will miss her.

Thank you.



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