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This will be our 4th “Secret Sister Swap” and is a yearlong commitment.  Please do not sign up for this swap if you can not complete this commitment!  You will need to make only 1 block per month for 12 months!  And it only requires 1-2 hours work per month. 

Maximum of 12 participants!  First come, first in!   Please send your name, address, phone #, and personal e-mail address to my personal e-mail:  aquiltersdream44@yahoo.com.


Information:  Each participant will complete a questionnaire about her quilt likes and dislikes.  These need to be returned to me no later than November 30th, 2014.  You will then be notified, by me, who your SS (Secret Sister) will be and you will be mailed her completed questionnaire.

When you get your SS’s questionnaire, you will make one 12 inch finished block, 12 ½ inch unfinished, per month using your SS’s likes.  The background will be determined by your SS.  At the end of the swap your SS should be able to make a quilt with the 12 blocks that you have made for her.

Block Instructions:  All 12 blocks should be the same block pattern, using your SS’s choice of colors.  As always, please use good quality 100% cotton quilt fabric, pre-washed.  Just remember that you want your SS to be able to make a nice quilt from your blocks, so you should make something that you would like to receive yourself.   The SS that is making the blocks has the right to choose her favorite type of technique, piecing, paper-piecing, applique, hand, or machine, etc.   This way you can do your best work!

Mailing Instructions:  Each month for 11 months you will mail your SS’s completed block to me.  One block will fit in a 6” x 9” manila postage envelope, with NO metal clasps.  These will go through the mail with two  49 cent stamps.  I will then mail them to your SS.  This way, I will be the only person that knows who the SS’s are, until the swap is completed.  Please put your name, or one of those free address labels on the back of each block you mail.   On the 12th month,  you will send the final block directly to your SS along with anything you would like to say to her and a small quilt label with your information on it.  On the front of the mailing envelopes, please identify the swap number and the block number,  S 17, B 1, etc.  This helps me identify what comes in to me.

You will need to send  11- 6” x 9” envelopes, or $2.00, and 22 – 49 cent stamps to me for the re-mail to your SS.  The Post Office will not accept postage labels.  These are only good for 2 days.

HAVE FUN AND SEND YOUR BLOCKS TO ME BY THE 20th  of each month.  The 1st block is due to me by: Jan. 20th, 2015.

Carol Lee Poulis   CP from TX

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Got my block in today's mail- thanks SS!

Hi Pat B., I received the first of your 2 packages today.  Thanks, Carol

PS Keep me posted on your eye surgery.  I go in Monday to schedule my first one.

Dear Ladies in Swap #17, Attention!  I have made a dreadful mistake.  One of our Secret Sisters has sent me her Block #10 and I can not find it.  I know it arrived at my house because I marked it down when it came in.  This beautiful block, shown on page 4 of the comments in the Swap #17 discussion forum should be going to Donna Coppin. Donna please check and see if I sent you 2 blocks at the same time.  I have gone through all of the sealed envelopes that I had ready to mail for months 9 -11 and it is not there.  Please check your blocks and see if I mailed the wrong one to you by mistake.  I do not want to ask the block's maker to make another one and I do not have the 30's fabric or the pattern to make another one.  I have notified the maker of the block of my error, so please check your blocks and let me know ASAP if you received it by accident.  I have just mailed out the blocks for Sept. and lack this block and one other and I will send out Oct.  Thank you all for being so patient with this old lady!

November block is in the mail.


Thanks to my SS for another beautiful block that came today- and thanks to Carol for her hard work of keeping things straight and doing all the re-mailing!

You are welcome!

My block came today !! Thanks to my SS for the bounty of friendship stars( and a couple others) that have arrived over the months. If I can find where I have them all hiding in my extremely messy sewing room, I will take a picture of them.

Has anyone heard anything from Michelle Wise????  I have been trying to contact her for over 2 months with no success.  When people do not answer my e-mails, I immediately thing the worst has happened.  She lives in Louisville, KY and I know they have a lot of tornadoes up there.  If you have heard from her, please let me know she is OK.

We kind of got lost during Christmas. By now, you should all know who your SS's are.  My SS was Linda Thompson and she sent me some beautiful blocks!  She sent some extras also.  She knew that I knew who she was, so she sent all of them to me by the middle of the year.  It killed me not to tell you then who she was.  Thanks so much, Linda!

Pat B's SS dropped off the face of the earth leaving Pat 3 blocks short.  I will find out what she likes and send her some.  This is the second time that Pat has been shorted and I feel awful.  PLEASE! If you have a problem, and can not complete your obligation, let me know!  Don't just stop responding.


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