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This will be our 5th,  and possibly final, “Secret Sister Swap” and is a yearlong commitment.  Please do not sign up for this swap if you can not complete this commitment!  You will need to make only 1 block per month for 12 months!  And it only requires 1-2 hours work per month. 

Maximum of 12 participants!  First come, first in!   Please send your name, address, phone #, and personal e-mail address to my personal e-mail:  aquiltersdream44@yahoo.com. This helps me with my bookkeeping.


Information:  Each participant will complete a questionnaire about her quilt likes and dislikes.  These need to be returned to me no later than December 10, 2015.  You will then be notified, by me, who your SS (Secret Sister) will be and you will be mailed her completed questionnaire.

When you get your SS’s questionnaire, you will make one 9 inch finished block, 9 ½ inches unfinished, per month using your SS’s likes.  The background will be determined by your SS.  At the end of the swap your SS should be able to make a quilt with the 12 blocks that you have made for her.

Block Instructions:  All 12 blocks should be different designs, using your SS’s choice of colors. Your SS will choose 2 main colors and a background color.  You may add in coordinating colors of your choice.  As always, please use good quality 100% cotton quilt fabric, pre-washed.  Just remember that you want your SS to be able to make a nice quilt from your blocks, so you should make something that you would like to receive yourself.  The SS that is making the blocks has the right to choose her favorite type of technique, piecing, paper-piecing, applique, hand, or machine, etc.   This way you can do your best work!

Mailing Instructions:  Each month for 11 months you will mail your SS’s completed block to me.  One block will fit in a 6” x 9” manila postage envelope, with NO metal clasps.  These will go through the mail with two  49 cent stamps.  I will then mail them to your SS.  This way, I will be the only person that knows who the SS’s are, until the swap is completed.  Please put your name, or one of those free address labels on the back of each block you mail.   On the 12th month,  you will send the final block directly to your SS along with anything you would like to say to her and a small quilt label with your information on it.  On the front of the mailing envelopes, please identify the swap number and the block number,  S 20, B 1, etc.  This helps me identify what comes in to me.

You will need to send  11- 6” x 9” envelopes, or $2.00, and 22 – 49 cent stamps to me for the re-mail to your SS.  The Post Office will not accept postage labels.  These are only good for 2 days.

HAVE FUN AND SEND YOUR BLOCKS TO ME BY THE 20th  of each month.  The 1st block is due to me by: Jan. 20th, 2016.

Carol Lee Poulis   CP from TX

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Hi Everyone!   I just want to remind you when you send your blocks to me, please put in a piece of paper with your name on it and Swap #20 , Block # whatever, 1, 2, 3, etc.  This is just in case something happens to the envelope and I can not read the return address.  I am asking that the blocks be mailed by the 10th of each month, so I will receive them by the 20th and be able to re-mail them to your SS by the 1st.  Also, send your stamps, (22) and $2 for envelopes to be used in re-mailing to you.  Thanks, and Happy Quilting!

Will do, Carol, thanks!

Oops, I didn't do that, I hope you could read mine, Carol.

This is swap #20 for 1-1-16 to 12-31-16.  This is the current swap!

Ok i have a problem my po is charging $1.56 to mail is anybody else having this problem if it cost that much to send to carol and the same for her to send thats 3.00 a block im either going to send 2-3 @ a time or does any body have a suggestion plus i havent gotten my first block

Mine are still going for 2 stamps!  What kind of envelope are you using?  They charge more for the padded envelopes!

Mine both went for 2 stamps as well.

My second one went for .79 using the regular 6"X 9" manila envelope with no metal clasp. Everything else is a gamble.

i have not received any blocks yet  emailed carol with no answers and now she wants an extra block 

I don't know what to do, any suggestions

Look back on the main page.  Megan has dropped out Carol is trying to figure out how to keep the swap going so her SS doesn't know that Megan was her swapper.

Kate, Do you have a new e-mail address? The letter I sent to each of you personally yesterday was the answer for the problem of Megan's disappearance. Please read all the chatter on the site for the month of March.  Have no fear, I have all the blocks for everyone and will mail them the end of the week.  I was just waiting to see if each of you were willing to do 1 or 2 extra blocks.  Thanks for your patience.

I received that email ok ill be patient!


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