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I was looking at everyones photos and had to laugh at how many cats love to lay on the tables while we sew. I had to make "Kitty" his own box with old towels in it cause he kept laying in a small plastic bin that had material in it. He also lays on the table right by my sewing machine when I sew.

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My cat loves to be involved in my sewing! She plants herself on whatever project I am working on and inspects it! If I'm at the machine and not paying attention to her, she will prop her front legs on my leg! She's just wonderful, and I wouldn't want to do a project without her. Lavonna Campbell
Yes cats do love our projects. I viewed photos of cats laying on quilts in quilting frames on this site! I just joined today and was so excited to see this group is full of animal lovers, but oops there are some here who don't really want us to share our pets pictures and stories, just quilting. Sorry to stray from quilting but my pets are precious to me, and to many other quilters too!
As my name implies, I am a cat person who is owned by four cats. Right at this moment our Siamese is acting as a lumbar support between my back and chair. When I get ready to use my cutting table, I have to move cats and wipe off cat hair. Our oldest female will often sit on top of the sewing machine table with her back to me, punishing me for sewing and not petting her. Oh well, what would life be without our keepers!
I had to stop letting my cat (lost him two yrs ago) into my sewing room. i had a tiny bit of poly batting on the floor and he ate it before i could stop him. he started throwing up later and ended up getting a barium x-ray and an enema!! poor cat.
needles and thread don't go well with cats, so it really is best to have them wait outside the sewing room if possible. that's what my kitty did. as long as he was around me, he was happy. Now i have three cats and they all want in the sewing room with me, but have to wait outside. it's for their own good i tell them.
Oh wow. Your cat would eat anything! My doberman ate a jar of mango body butter and got hives really bad and was throwing up. He had to get a shot of steroids and benedryl at the vet. They are like kids and we have to dog proof the house and make sure everything is put up before we leave :)
It's interesting how pets and quilts DO go together.....it must be our nuturing nature, that attracts us to both of them. I am also a nurse, previously on a surgical hospital floor, and now in a busy family practice office. 5 out of 6 of my 'quilt buddies' are nurses!! Again,,,,the nuturing gene in us!!
I have a picture of our Doo (after Ski doo) on my site....she sleeps on a shelf beside my sewing maching...I made her a bed with some old quilt bat and a towel. The machine lulls her to sleep....Happy Quilting!
I'm not sure if this will work but here is my kitty up to no good.

LOL that is such a cute picture! Did your kitty move those blocks around? My kitty is always right in the middle of whatever I am working on just like everyone elses. I can't imagine a house without a pet, it would be lonely :)
Your kitty knows he did wrong. He's a love!
HI Zoe,
Love the picture lol and boy I know the feeling but some times they mess it up and it comes out better lol
I see the guilty paw stepping on the quilt block. I think your kitty is pretty proud of his/her work!
Hi Kathy,
I noticed the same thing. I have more than one cat and luckily, have a twin bed in my sewing room. The kitties arte usually all curled up together on the bed on top of sewing projects. Sometimes there is one on my lap and one behind the machine while I'm machine embroidering. The sewing shop that I go to classes at has two shop kitties that love to sit on the sewing table while the owner is doing projects. I guess kitties and sewing just go together.
Have a great day.


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