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I was looking at everyones photos and had to laugh at how many cats love to lay on the tables while we sew. I had to make "Kitty" his own box with old towels in it cause he kept laying in a small plastic bin that had material in it. He also lays on the table right by my sewing machine when I sew.

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Barbara, yes cats are lovers aren't they :)

HI Kathy , I saw the same thing lol my cat {hairball } just love to lay next to my sewing machines no matter which one I,m running ,, The fun one is the long arm and he love try to catch the light as I'm try to follow a pattern .. Its just not a home with out a kitten sewing bubby .
Kelly ny
Kelly, I think your cat and this quilt is beautiful! I also LOVE your cats name :)
Kathy , HI ya thank you very much ,,the name came up because when I found him I called him a little hairball and now that all he'll answer to and the quilt is of my back yard I love art quilt and you ? and I really should clean the floor before I take a picture lol lol >>
I do love art quilts! About 4 years ago I made 3 wall quilts for my kids for xmas. One was a loon on a lake with a sunset behind it (it was my favorite). I will try to get pics of them uploaded. I had to laugh at your comment about your floor cause I felt the same way about my picture of my kitty laying by my machine. My desk my machine is on is very messy in that picture, I had been working on a tree hunting stand of my husbands, changing the big black straps and putting a new seat on it. But I was thinking i should have cleaned it before my pic :)
hi ya Kathy ,
I don't really pay to much the mess but when right to the cat and what sew machine you were useing silly I know ,, It always a wonder what come out of your mess next to the machine besides a crazy cat lol I start art quilt about a year ago when I saw a poster of a frog pound with frog fly in the pond it made me laugh so I made a quilt out of it . get to love fusble web ,I would show a picture but luck has it cam is died

I hope these pics show up ok. These are the wall quilts I did for xmas in 05. They are not as nice as yours but they were good to start learning with. I had so much fun searching and choosing the fabrics for these. I would love to see your frog pond one.
I appreciate the fact that you had to make a bucket for your kitty. Mine do the same thing. In fact, I made mine a bed out of scraps that I had made a baby quilt out of!
Its so nice to find other cat people here. I have three of the little darlings named Patches, Cheyenne, and Noelle, who insist on "helping" me with my quilting. After a rather close call with a rotary cutter and a tail, now they get locked out of the sewing room when I'm cutting fabric anyway, or when I'm trying to lay out a quilt. Was working on a miniature with 100s of tiny little pieces, had them all arranged and Cheyenne came flying into the room, up on the cutting table and scattered the whole thing everywhere. I was findings pieces for days!
Patricia I love your kitty on the laptop picture!
My quilting buddy, Benny, has to be right there when I'm sewing/quilting. I have to watch for him though because I have caught him being mesmerized by the needle going up and down! He also "owns" all of my quilts and I don't mind because they're personal quilts of mine. Last week, I was binding a double batting quilt and had gone to window to talk with my husband and when I came back to sew, I thought, this quilt is really heavy. I found Benny cuddled inside the bulk of the quilt!
Thought you would enjoy my kitty story. Hope your day is great!
Yes Lucy i love these stories!! Thanks for sharing it. I have new pictures of my kitty i need to upload.


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