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I was looking at everyones photos and had to laugh at how many cats love to lay on the tables while we sew. I had to make "Kitty" his own box with old towels in it cause he kept laying in a small plastic bin that had material in it. He also lays on the table right by my sewing machine when I sew.

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My three cats love to sleep on the bed in my sewing room. The sunlight streams in there in the mornings, and they love being close to me! The little boy 'Chili' steals tools from the sewing machine -- have to remember EVERYTHING is a cat toy until proven to be FOOD!
My cat loved to be on my sewing table when I was in the room. Once when I was cutting fabric strips he swished his tail and I almost cut it off. Came real close but just cut the fir off the tips. This is when I had to make him a box bed also to set on the table when I was working. Thank goodness that took care of the problem
They like the vibration of the machine running as well as being nosy. My male has to be anywhere the action is even if it is to sleep.

Here is my small bit of kitten.

My homecare worker, on nice days, I work on hand stitching take out my Qsnap table on side deck.


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