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Went back to work today after 5 weks off...just seemed like a long week end to me. Nothing changed, I was really enjoying the life of the unemployed...not back to the REAL world....and FREEZING out....-17 tonight.. Miss my time quilting & checking in on here.
Everyone up north in this COLD temps...stay warm...everyone where it's above 50....WISH i WAS THERE >>...lol

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I enjoy my work and wish everyone else had jobs they love. I am not real crazy about working every weekend but that is how my husband and I have worked out childcare for our grandchild we are raising. Do I wish I had more time for quilting---sure do. I probably spend 5 hours Monday threw Friday quilting and would love to have more time.
I am so glad I don't have to work. Once the kids got married and moved out DH said I didn't have to work any longer. He didn't have to tell me that twice! I sew almost everyday. I just need to get all these quilt tops quilted! I like the cold weather cause I can stay in my sewing room and not have to worry about all the things I should be doing outside!
Getting tired of the cold weather...but we have a heat wave today...40....but back in the teens this next week !1


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