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Just joined this little group.   Hope to learn some more.


Usually when one joins, I think that they probably are joining for a reason, and that goes for me today.


I'm just starting to cut out the pieces to the Color Crystal quilt by Cozy Quilt Designs which I purchased from CT.   My question is about the 1/4 seams.  


Reading the instructions, I'm told to use "scant 1/4" seams on the piecing of the 10-1/2" squares into triangles.  That's the only place that I see "scant 1/4". 


Does that mean that the rest of the piecing is done with a normal 1/4" seam??  The first page instructions do state that all seams are 1/4".


Thanks for you help

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All of the seams should be done using the "scant" 1/4 in. This allows for precise measurements when you join pieces as the fold of the cloth takes up a tiny bit of fabric which is where the scant amount comes in to play.
I'm not sure that the instruction intend for the entire quilt to be pieced using "scant 1/4" as the very front page of the instructions say, "All seams are 1/4". It's appears that only the part that uses the 10-1/2" squares that are sewed together with other fabric, right sides together and made into triangles, are meant to use the "scant 1/4" sewing.

I was hoping someone out there in "Quilt With Us" land has made this quilt and can help me.

Thank you for your response though and I do understand why a "scant 1/4" is used...
When i started i learnt from a magazine so often seams didnt match well, soon learnt about the 1/4 inch.Then years later on TV a lady showed how she measured as she sewed, said that was the way to see if she had done something wrong and the stitching line counted in the 1/4 inch. I have since told new quilters this and said dont iron press, that always brings strange looks. I think we all need to start making an easy block first. Not sure how others feel about this. AND it is so much better to learn with a friend,Patricia
on a cold fine winters day in New Zealand
Pat, I will definitely keep that in mind.

Since you live in New Zealand, do you know Beverly Shedrick, the ribbon embroidery lady.? Do you by chance know how she's doing lately.

she's such a lovely nice lady..
I have made the Color Crystal quilt (pls see photo on my page). The 10-1/2" squares were cut into triangles, so you have to sew the seam on the bias, hence the need for a scant 1/4" seam. I have a Janome P6600 in which I adjusted the distance of the needle from the edge by making it 3.8 instead of 3.5, and that's how I got the scant 1/4" seam. Still there were a few corners in my quilt where they were not aligned perfectly, and if I had ripped them apart, then the bias edge would have been distorted, so I let them be.
How do I get to the pictures on your page??? I clicked on your name in your message and took me to your page, but I didn't see photos.

ok-so did you sew the entire quilt top with the scant 1/4" or just those tris that were cut from the 10-1/2" squares?
Found it!!! Very nice..

Looks like you also have a Brother, right? I have a Baby Lock Ellageo, Baby Lock Embellisher, a little Janome that I got at Hancock fabric to take to classes that are out of town, an old cast iron Singer Zig-Zag that I bought after I first went to work 40 yrs ago, and an old SergeMate serger that I picked up at a garage sale for $25 probably 15 years ago. You mentioned quilting machine, boy would I love to have a long-arm and know how to use it. I have a friend that wants me to learn on hers, and another friend that is fixing to buy one. I just really do not have the room for one.

I paint, crochet, embroider, smock, quilt, and work too many hours (I'm thinking of stopping that mess).


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