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Does anyone on here make crazy quilts. I am just gathering supplies for it. fabric, beads, ribbons, etc. I have not started to cq yet. Hope someone on here does cq and can add some inspiration.

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Hi Mary,
Yes, I'm a crazy quilter. I've posted photos on my blog (click on me and you'll see them). I did the same as you. I gathered supplies for years but hesitated to start. I found inspiration in the Piecemaker calendars and finally took the plunge with a very large project planned - 12 blocks plus a large center section. I've been working on it for several years and it will probably take several more. I took a class from a talented woman who was also smart. She'd make just one block and keep to a theme, then frame it. Done! But too late for me - I'm committed to this design.

I thought about starting a "group" for crazy quilters. If you think there's enough interest, we can start one, or you can start one if you like.karens crazy quilt.doc
I would also have to know what books anyone might recommend on this? I have my eye on a couple on Amazon, but am unsure which to order...
I have 2 books that I got from Amazon a few weeks ago. I like them both a lot for different reasons. Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano is great for teaching you embroidery stitches. It is small and easy to tote around. I embroider during my commute so I like small for that. The other is Crazy Quilts: History, techniques and embroidery techniques by Cindy Brick. I like that one for the examples and the history, but it is not as good on embroidery stitches.
Thank you, Nell!
I have been looking at places on line for cqing. There are a lot of great examples on line.
Yes, I am making a crazy quilt. Maybe we can swap embellishments? Is your all colors or are you making it a little tame? Mine is ivory with pink and sage embellishments.
Yes, JBM's Crazy Quilt Handbook is fabulous for getting started.
I'm newer to quilting (about 18 months now) and have only done a couple of crazy quilt blocks that were part of a sampler pattern I was working on, so I'm not the one to ask in this department unless actually BEING crazy counts and then I've got decades of experience!

But I have a question/suggestion for you all:

From what I've seen, unless you are doing a "theme" quilt with specific colors, crazy quilts utilize scraps of fabric in all sorts of colors/patterns/textures. I'm one of those people who absolutely LOATHES to waste or throw away even the smallest usable swatch of fabric, but in my efforts to save them for some future use, my sewing room is starting to get cluttered up with ziplock baggies and boxes filled with "scraps" that I can't bring myself to toss out. Would any of the crazy quilters here be interested in getting a free box of scraps mailed to them now and then occasionally in the future?? That way I would be able to get rid of them but also do someone else some good with them!

Or perhaps those of you working on crazy quilts could list the colors you are using (like Nell did) and provide contact information through your bios or posts and then the rest of us can mail you our leftover scraps or embellishments in those colors? Just a thought....
I would be interested in a box of scraps. I have not used them in cq but do use them for crumb quilt blocks. I'll try to e-mail you my address. Thanks.
Ok...see how inexperienced I am....what is a "crumb quilt"??? I can only imagine....
Crumbs are small peices of fabric that can be sewn together or sewn on a foundation to make larger peices of fabric so it can be cut into blocks. Then they are sewn together to make a quilt. They are fabulous looking with all the different pieces of fabric sewn together. I must warn you though, they are addicting!!!! I am having difficulty finding you e-mail. I working today so it will have to wait til tomorrow. Have a good day. Goggle "crumb quilts" and you will be surprised at the "eye candy" you will see.
Ahhhhhhhh....I see. I attempted to "crazy quilt" once without a pattern (or a CLUE for that matter) and I ended up with this weird shaped piece of something that I couldn't control so I just gave up. Little did I know-but I invented crumb quilting all by myself! hahahaha. Never thought to square the "thing" off and make blocks out of it.

I told my husband that the reason I became so addicted to quilting was that it allowed me to "make order out of chaos". So while I love to look at crazy quilts and crumb quilts, I'm just neurotic enough that they don't attract me to actually making them...too "busy" for my harried mind to follow through on.

I'll check and make sure that you can access my email through my page...not sure if it's even possible or if I need to "set" something first. No worries, I'll need to dig out my scraps and see how much I have anyway, and I'll save them for you if you want them. Had I known someone might want even SMALLER pieces (for crumb quilting) I would have saved those too...mine might seem like fat quarters to you!*grin*


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