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Does anyone on here make crazy quilts. I am just gathering supplies for it. fabric, beads, ribbons, etc. I have not started to cq yet. Hope someone on here does cq and can add some inspiration.

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Ugh! Scraps!! I have so many of them it will take two lifetimes to use them up. Like you, I hate waste so I keep them indefinitely. Right now I am making another scrap quilt. This is not a crazy quilt but has a definite pattern of light and dark fabrics which in the end produce a very nice pattern.
I think I finally learned how to contact you. If you get it send me an e-mail.
You are a brave AND talented woman! Your quilts are very pretty.
Hi Mary,
I am in the process of wanting to do a crazy quilt. I have the fabrics and the embelishments but have not had the nerve to actually start the project. I am not too sure I know what I am doing. But what else is new???? I also own a Bernina embroidery arm and want to incorporate some embroidery in my crazy quilt. I certainly could use some good advice.
I hve looked at crazy quilts on internet sites. I mad one block but have done no embellishments. It really is your pattern with what you want for embellishments. I am trying had not to do any of this until I get the majority of my blocks used up. I do look at and buy cq things. I just think the blocks other do are gorgeous.
Did you use a stabilizer? Or did you just add one piece to the next as you went along? Someone told me I need to sew my pieces to some kind of backing like muslin. Is that what you did? I need some input.
I have made one cq block. I used stabalizer as it's foundation. When I start doing it again I am going to use my embroidery machine also. I want to add lace, buttons and beads also. It is on my to do list. I often look around the internet for examples. The "eye candy" is amazing.
"You are a brave AND talented woman! Your quilts are very pretty."

I didn't notice that the system doesn't have a "default" that indicates who (or which post#) you are replying to. The above comment was meant for Faye after I saw the quilts she linked to. Sorry!!
Hello Mary, I tried my first crazy quilt last November when a neighbor gave me a garbage bag full of cotton, linen, velveteen, and brushed denim scraps for my charity quilting group. At first I thought,"My God, what am I going to do with this stuff". I grabbed some foundation fabrics and just got started placing different pieces together, then used all those neat stitches that you never get to use. The result is a wonderful Victorian Parlor Quilt.

In order to make a crazy quilt we have to use a foundation? Have no idea how to even get started.


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