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My husband is finishing our basement so I will have a new and much large quilting space. I want to get this right - what suggestions do you have for me on what you find works well in your sewing space and/or what you'd put in your "dream" sewing room? Thanks!

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well, bookcases.for fabric, books,etc..and make work stations..like the sewing area and ironing close together,or have a big ironing mat by your sewing are...I bought me one.I do get up every 45 min or so....but storage is sooooooo nice...everything has a place...:)...So, nice to hear your getting a bigger area...
Thanks Bev You don't get too many chances to do this so I'm trying to think of everything! What kind of ironing mat do you have? I got one from Lilian Vernon but it kind of gets bumps in it which is not great for ironing. I like the idea of it, but what I have wasn't a good choice.
ooh take a look at this gal's blog http://annalenaland.com/ scroll down to jan. 5. she mentions a book, link here http://www.martingale-pub.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=497
Great looking book - thanks!
look at www.ikea.com they have lots of ideas. do u have the container store near u. http://www.containerstore.com/
No, No Container Stores in DE but I'll check out the online store - thanks!
The annalenaland.com blog is Karen Snyder who used to own a quilt shop in Long Beach, WA. On her site you can take a tour of her quilt studio. Be sure to sit back away from you computer while you look so you don't drool on your keyboard, though! lol She talks about her studio in her blog, too. It has tons of good suggestions. My ironing table is about 58" x 19", hardwood covered with ... what's that batting with the aluminum in it ... like they use in potholders... and then it's covered with fabric. There was a guy outside the Portland, OR area who made them but he passed away. You can put it over your regular ironing board, but mine sits on a cabinet. It's at the right height for lots of ironing.
Thanks Kathy - I just got some insulbright (I think that's what you are talking about) to try to recover my mini ironing board but that has a teflon type fabric on top -in fact all the ironing boards I ever had have the teflon fabric. So I wasn't sure if I could just use a muslin or something for the cover. Good to know! My engineer husband is super handy and can make/fix just about anything so I'm definitely putting this project on the docket! Can't wait to check out that blog as well. Thanks!
Oh my goodness Kathy - I just looked at that quilting studio - I've got to get into my current room today and clean up! Do you think she actually sews in there or is it just for show! That would be an ultimate space for sure! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Faye - design wall is a great idea - I don't have one now. I went with storage cabinets in my small room instead but now my fabric stash has outgrown them!
A design wall I find is a must. What a difference it made in my quilt room. Happy quilting!
Some great suggestions - thanks Vicki!


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