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My husband is finishing our basement so I will have a new and much large quilting space. I want to get this right - what suggestions do you have for me on what you find works well in your sewing space and/or what you'd put in your "dream" sewing room? Thanks!

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Oh how lovely - a new quilting space! I agree with Faye about lots of lighting, especially in a basement area - get some on tracks and have moveable lights. I have two of that type in my kitchen and they work great. As soon as I can remodel my sewing room I will take down the two small florescent lights and put up a couple of the track/moveable ones. I have seen the large ironing boards in a couple of places (BJ's Quilt Basket in Bend, Oregon is one) but couldn't find one in the few minutes I have left of my break. A design wall is a must - I just have a large piece of flannel tacked up on the wall along side my sewing maching which I've used for years. Another idea I just saw this weekend up in Maple Valley, WA is an old flannel backed tablecloth stapled to the wall.
Happy quilting!
I dreamed about my sewing room for such a long time with lots of reading and drawing going on while I waited. I had an extra room with a closet that I ended up using. I wanted a truly vintage look and worked with a bit of stained oak around the room. I have one area for specifically cutting and design work, (so a design wall is a great part of this). I have one area that is for writing, books, and organizational items, such as quilt patterns, stencils and the like. This area is just as important for me because I have a need to communicate with others and this room is just what I need to relax. I am also multi-talented and nothing escapes my active brain. So, not only do I have quilting things here, I also have an drawer and cabinet set that is for general crafting, such as glues, paints, tape, etc.
Take some time to draw some things out specifically with your style in mind, as well as what machines are going to be in that area. Keep in mind any future purchases. And remember that all counters don't have to be at the same height, but can go up or down according to how you will use it. Don't forget to consider wall mounted drying racks. These can be made very simply, but allow you to have that space to dry fabric. I had my fabric all over the house at one time and now, it stays where it belongs.
The dreaming and planning is just as much fun, so take lots of time to draw and erase.
I just want to thank everyone who replied for the wonderful ideas! Happy Quilting!
One thing I have already found with my sewing room is how I needed to change my storage soon after I had thought they were good. I had used plastic storage tubs, but some of them were just much to heavy to lift and others made it difficult to be able to see all material when I wanted to. So I talked to my S O and we found two cubbards with several shelves, he put the doors so they open from the center out and I can open the doors and look at most of my material without touching it. Of course, I have some that is in back of others, then I have to move what's in front of it. It is still much easier than the tubs. I do still have a very few tubs, but they are smaller and I have things I am working on in them now. I also have small boxes made of material that we got at Home Depot, they come folded up. You open them up and put cardboard on the bottom that comes with it. They work nicely for the fat quarters! Hope this helps with your choices and good luck! It will be a work in progress for awhile, until you can find out just how you want certain things. I still have a ways to go with just how I want some items. I am working on affording a real sewing maching table or cabinet to fit the area next!
Have a great weekend!
Well my sewing room is a long way from being my "dream" setup, but it's functional. You'll have a lot of options with a big basement room!

I have some pictures here, if it helps you get any ideas:
CJ's sewing room.

Rolling plastic carts are amazing for organization. And I just finished getting my stash all organized, which is wonderful! At last I can find things.


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