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I am interested and would like to know how they work? Is it hard? How about for a person who doesn't understand the technical part of a computer.

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HiTrudy.....I have the EQ6 which l enjoy using very much.This is a very easy program to use.You can design your own quilts or use one of the template paterns.You have fabric chioces to use or inport your own.Plus hundreds of blocks to choose from.Try to go into ElectricQuilt.com to see if they have any vidios to watch.This is a great program if you like to design your own quilts............Bev
I have used EQ for years and love to design with it. There are tutorials and books to help you get started. The EQ website also has listings for classes around the country, so maybe you can find one in your area. A hands on class might be the best bet for someone who hasn't used programs like this before.
Hi Beckie Ray, thanks for replying and also Bev,
Is it so different their blocks then the blocks you find in books? Also, I never usually follow a pattern on most of my quilts, which means I don't do blocks.
I do use templates and they have those on the program???
I can design a quilt on this program and then what? I didn't know they had classes, I will try to find one in my area. I've been reading about quilters using this and I had no idea what they are talking about. Do you guys really like it that much?
The EQ library has all kinds of blocks, from traditional to contemporary, applique, foundation piecing and regular pieced. You can draw your own blocks, too. You can print out templates for any block. You can set blocks into quilts in several ways and add borders in many styles. The program will calculate yardage for you if you want. Go to www.electricquilt.com and read all about the features and check out classes for your area.
Everyone, I went on ElectricQuilt.com like Becky said below and they take you through the whole process of how to pick the blocks and how to download and print so I feel a little better about it, but I still don't understand the designing part of it and that's what I really want to do. They have hundreds of blocks on each box if you are into blocks but I like to free style so I don't know. They also have a list of places where they have lessons in different states, I hope you guys can find lessons where you live.

I have worked on Electric Quilt some.  My biggest problem is spending time doing that and not with the sewing machine.  I just cannot get my mind about why I need to learn the program.  It is not really hard.  You just need to practice a lot and want to learn it. 



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