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I love the threads and you can't beat the price. When I buy the thread I get a lot at one time.
I also LOVE this thread. I'm currently using up all my other thread and am almost finished with all the old yucky stuff. I tell everyone I know about this thread whenever I can, and so far have a few converts. So far, I've only bought it in the sets, so I have lots of colors and love looking at it. Are there plans for making more sets available? I think I have room for one or two more sets!!!!!LOL
I bought some a few weeks ago and tried it today. Man, it is fabulous. I will be buying more. Cannot beat the price.
I love Essential thread! I use it for my hobby quilt business and it is a winner! You can't beat the price and all the choices of colors is amazing! The price allows me not to charge for thread and to use a thread I've come to trust. Hugs, Deb (Quiltbeeme)
I am going to try it. you can't beat the price.
I've been using Essential Thread since I first saw it in the catalog. It is fantastic! The color selection is great too.
This thread is great for machine quilting. Great price and lots of colors to choose from.
I would love to try the thread unfortunately Connecting Thread does not ship internationally AND I have difficulty finding someone to help me ship it here. Instead I have purchased a load of Sew Fine and Bottom Line from the Superior line.
Where would you be shipping international to? I live internationally, but have a loop hole of an APO box which is still considered a US address.
I also have found this an excellent thread for the money. I can't wait to get my colors! The few I have are so fun and vibrant. :)

I have been using this thread in my machine quilting and just love it. It reminds me of when I was a little girl opening up my first box of crayolas or pastels! When the box comes in the mail, I am like a little kid opening up presents. I have bought alot of the sets and am working on getting more. I keep them in a drawer under my sewing table and they seem to match all my fabrics that I am working on. I am not disappointed at all. The price is also a great benefit to me.
Love the colors!!!!
Ever since I've started getting catalogs and emails from CT, I've been curious about the thread. I'm sure it is excellent for machine quilting but how is it for us hand quilters. I find it difficult to quilt with thread designed for machine quilting - its too fine and some of it is too silky to control. Any hand quilters out there who can give me advise? I love the color selection and the price. Thanks.


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