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GREAT INEXPENSIVE THREAD! A real treat for a quilter.
I love the thread color selection... It sews great... It nice to have a type of thread that you can blend with the fabric..
My friend and I shared and order to save shipping and she encouraged me to try the threads. I ordered a set and all the threads blend nicely and my machine does very well with them -- we are talking about another order and will be ordering a different set.
I love the thread as well! For my daughter's birthday, I gave her a second machine I had and I ordered us several sets of thread to split. All the colors are so lovely and I enjoy just looking at them. They are great to use, too! If using them for hand quilting, use some beeswax to coat it with.
I have a tapestry retreat case that I keep nothing but this Essential thread in. I open it up behind my sewing machine so when someone walks up they see all the lucious colors. Of course they ask about it! I have the page torn from the catalog so they can see the great price, color sets, etc. There is a little pad of paper and pencil for them to write your website and 1-800 number on so they can order some. I always offer to let them try a color for the project they are working on. In 2009 my goal was to go a 2-3 day retreat each month. So far so good. Many piecers and quilts have been introducted to you thread.
I see that our thread is back on sale at 30% discount--like we needed another reason to buy this thread! I love all the colors available. It is pretty much all that I piece and quilt with. Thanks, CT!
Aloha, Andrea
I love this thread. I use the neutrals for all of my piecing and colors for decorative stitches, etc. Does anyone use it in their longarm machines?
I just got my 18x8 longarm and want to buy thread but do not know how much to buy. How much will a 1200 yd spool quilt?


My quilts are always about 87 x 97 and up , and i quilt a little on the heavy side. And 1200 yds is just barely enough. And on a Christmas quilt I done I ran out about three quarters from being done and had to finish with another type thread . It was a close match on color , but than i had to do the tension thing again. So I'm thinking to double up just in case. But on this last project my thread keeps breaking. Im working with the white for the first time ,am wondering whats up? I did have a some trouble with the black embroidery thread when emb. I mentioned it to a lady that does a lot ot emb. and she said that the black thread is sometimes brittle and breaks if it is old. and the thought was in my mind that mabey that was the problem. But it sounds like the thread is flying of the shelves so it must be my tension. Any ways I still love the thread and it does look great in a basket.
Thank you, I did buy some of the tread sets and purchased 2 of each so I would have 2 spools of each color.
I'm so glad to see all these comments on CT threads. I have purchased several sets but haven't used any yet. I just fell in love with all the beautiful colors. I am glad to hear they function good also. I also love the fabrics from CT. Aren't they beautiful and have such coordinating pieces. It makes shoping for quilt making easy.
Love and Hugs, Dee
A friend sent me some of this thread and all i can say is it is WONDERFUL, i was getting low and asked her could she send me some more and i got it for my birthday, i am sure my sewing is sooooo much better with this thread,Pat in New Zealand


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